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Best Snow Thrower

A snow thrower can best be described as an electric snow shovel and plug into any standard electrical outlet. They have a maximum of 100 feet of extension cord recommended for all corded models and work best when throwing snow off of porches, patios or stairs. Although technically many are powerful enough to take on larger jobs, their small snow intake size would mean spending double or triple the time outside snow blowing than using an actual snow blower for the same task. Their strength lies in the fact that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them able to throw snow out of the way where heavier, more cumbersome snow blowers could never go.

The main selection criteria used when considering picks for inclusion on this list was their ease of use; lightweight, having an ergonomic handle, or other additions making them simple to use with the less hassle. Price also played a significant role as well because for the most part they’re only going to be used for small blowing tasks; they don't need add-ons or special features that would jack up the price.

Power Smart DB5004 9-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

With a weight of only 14 pounds, the Power Smart 5004 12.6-Inch 9 Amp Electric Snow Thrower cuts through 6-inch deep snow and will throw it up to 20 feet. It has an ergonomic handle that will comfortably fit-to-size for anyone using it. This snow thrower will cut a 12.6-inch swath through snow, and the 9 amps of power are plenty for throwing snow from your patio, porch or walkway up to 20 feet away.

This model has a unique snow shovel-like design that actually resembles the scoop on a snow shovel; just push it along as you would any snow shovel and it blows snow out of the way. It's easy to use, just plug it in, flip the switch, and go! It’s also one of the least expensive units on this list, comparable in price to the best high-end manual shovels. In truth, if there was a best bang for the buck model here, this one would take the cake and it comes protected by a two year warranty.

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

From a name you might only think made lawn and garden equipment, comes the Toro Power Shovel™ Electric (12") 7.5-Amp Snow Blower. It may have made the top of this list, but it’s a bit down on power yet it is one of the more expensive snow throwers here. However, it’s loaded with features that almost qualify it for best bang for your buck.

Weighing in at 13 pounds, this snow thrower has both an adjustable, ergonomic, telescoping handle that swivels right and left for the ultimate in versatility. It also has Toro's exclusive power curve technology that makes it a bit more efficient than our other picks, and throws snow up to 20 feet away with just 7.5 amps of power. It even has a key lock that must be turned to the "ON" position before it can be used. This model is also covered by a 2 year warranty.

All of these extras might be a bit of overkill on a unit made to just clear small areas of snow, but if you want bells and whistles, you've come to the right place.

Snow Joe 324E 12" 10 AMP Electric Snow Shove

If you are looking for the most versatile corded snow thrower on this list, check out the Snow Joe 324E (12") 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel With Light. The LED light allows you to do effective snow throwing even at night, and this is actually the only unit here that has one. That addition bumps up the price, but if the only time you can clear snow is after dark, this may be a thrower to consider.

The 11-inch clearing width will allow you to blow away 6-inch deep snow and throw it away up to 20 feet. It’s engineered with a patented, back-saving ergonomic handle that telescopes to fit virtually anyone’s height. At 14 pounds it’s a bit heavier than most but still light enough to be easily maneuvered. It features a safety button to prevent accidental starting and is covered by a two year warranty.

Ryobi RYAC800 12" 8 Amp Electric Snow Blower

The Ryobi RYAC800 12 in. 8 Amp Electric Snow Blower makes its mark by being one of the least expensive snow throwers on this list and may also be the most rugged of the bunch. Although it only blows a maximum snow depth of 4 inches deep, it will throw snow 20 feet away and you can cut a swath of 12 inches making it perfect for smaller jobs.

The handle telescopes and it’s also a push-button start, so you just plug it in and go. It weighs the most at almost 15 pounds, but that extra weight equates to toughness, so you can bang it around a bit more than the others. This is a fine snow thrower for the price, and it will work well for smaller snow throwing tasks.

Snow Joe iON13SS 13" 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel

For maximum versatility, the Snow Joe iON13SS 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel with Rechargeable Ecosharp Lithium-ion Battery is the one for you. The battery powered revolution is here and this 40 volt model lets you take this snow thrower anywhere you need to go with no cord hassle, no gas or oil, basically no problem. It’s the lightest thrower on this list at 12 pounds and comes with the patented Snow Joe back saving ergonomic handle. You'll get over 50 minutes of run time with the battery, and performance wise, it beats the others snow throwers cold.

It throws snow over 25 feet away and clears a13-inch swath, both of which are the best here, and it will cut down 6-inches of deep snow without a hassle. It comes with a two year warranty and is also Energy Star certified, and truthfully, as far as snow throwers go, you just can't beat this performance. Why doesn't it make it to the top of the list you ask? Well, it’s almost four times more expensive than the lowest price thrower here. But if you want the ultimate in versatility, portability, and price is no object, then this is the snow thrower for you.

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