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Best Solar Lighting

For outdoor pathway or walkway lighting needs, solar lights may be the perfect solution. You never have to plug them in and they can be placed virtually anywhere. Depending on your needs, they can be practical, whimsical or both. But remember, the solar panels that charge the inner battery should be placed in direct sunlight for maximum light performance. If you don't let the sun work for you, a solar light will not function properly no matter how highly rated it is.

The picks chosen because they give off the most light and last the longest on a charge as well as the ease of use, design and practicality and the fun factor.

Westinghouse 351104-08R Clifton Solar Pathlight, Black Finish, 4-Piece Set

For classic path lights that work as good as they look, the best pick is the Westinghouse 351104-08R Clifton Solar Pathlight, Black Finish, 4-Piece Set. They have up to a 6-hour lighting time, if charged in full sunlight, the high-output LED bulb lights up a large space, and the lens is actually made of glass and not plastic. It's a 4-pack, the light stakes push easily into the ground and it is one of the better priced deals on the list. For classic pathway or sidewalk lighting, you can't do better.

Mr. Light 44334 Single Solar Fiber Optic Garden Stake with Color Changing LED

This is everything anyone could want in a solar powered path light. It is bright, it lasts up to eight hours on a full charge, and best of all, it is fun! That's what the Mr. Light 44334 Single Solar Fiber Optic Garden Stake with Color Changing LED is meant to be. It may not be the most practical path light for your needs, but everyone will love following it down a sidewalk to your door or a pathway into your back yard. Plus, they'll have fun watching it change colors right before their eyes. If you are looking for the most unique path light available, this is the choice for you.

Moonrays Solar Powered Tiki Torch Path Light

For pathway or party lighting, the Moonrays Solar Powered Tiki Torch Path Light does the trick. It comes with a flickering amber LED bulb that stands on top of a nearly 60-inch long stake for a realistic lighting accent that is second to none. It looks like a tiki torch, but it will throw enough light to illuminate the area around any path or walkway in the darkness. It is capable of staying lit for up to 10 hours on a full charge, which makes it extremely practical, the stakes are easy to push into the ground, and the unique design will be talked about by all of your friends.

Steel and Glass Encased Solar LED Path Lights, Set of 4

If you value elegance and style above all else, in a light that performs as good as it looks, then the Steel and Glass Encased Solar LED Path Lights is the one for you. Although it is one of the more expensive lights on this list, it is also made of steel and glass, not plastic. The durability of these lights are top notch, and the high output LED bulb will easily illuminate any path or walk in the darkness. The bulbs will even remain lit for up to 9 hours on a full charge, and the stakes just push into the ground where you want them. You could easily make a case that these are the best path lights on the list, but their price is a bit on the higher end.

Metro Fulfillment House SL2193 Fulfillment House Solar Power LED Path Lights Multi Color Solar Powered LED Lights

If you want the most bang for the buck, get the Metro Fulfillment House SL2193 Solar Power LED Path Lights. You'll get 10 multicolor path lights at a price that is far and away less expensive, per light, than any others listed here, and the enjoyment factor while watching these lights change color is priceless. Although the body is durable, the stakes are not as sturdy as some, so they need caution when pushing them into the ground. The lights will stay lit up to eight hours on a full charge, the design is a lot of fun and so many lights all in one box makes this a very practical set that will light up any walk or path.

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