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Best Speed Bag

The Speed Bag is an important tool for boxing training. It helps you develop strength, accuracy, and stamina. Since you will use it for many hours you will want one that lasts a long time. Most boxers tell you a good leather bag is a must as they will last the longest and not lose their shape but there are new synthetic covers that are long lasting too. You will want one with long lasting material on the inside too. Larger speed bags are used by those just beginning and you can move to the smaller bags to refine your technique and accuracy. There is really more to a good speed bag than meets the eye, that's why we took a look at price, quality, durability and availabilty to narrow it down to these five top options to add to your home gym.

Title Platinum Atomic Speed Bags

The Title platinum speed bag has a lot going for it. It is for the serious boxer and the leather and nylon stitching will keep the outside synthetic covering in perfect shape. The bladder inside is also made to last long and it will keep its shape after many workouts. The smaller size makes this bag an extremely helpful tool for the boxer in search of more punching precision. This bag has a true rebounding action that will improve a boxer’s blocking and counter punching technique as well as their punching power.

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag

This bag has been made to give truer rebounds to get you the most advanced practice for the money. The durable leather covering satisfies the old school crowd and the seams are also protected by leather for even more durability. The bladder has been made to offer those true rebounds and fast recoil action to improve your reflexes and punching precision. It is available in three sizes making it a great choice for different boxing styles and your particular workout goals and it also won’t break the bank price wise.

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

This bag is from the number one boxing company south of the border. The cowhide leather covering with its leather welted seams can’t be beat for durability and maintaining its shape. The nylon liner and rubber bladder inside this quality bag also help to keep it lasting a long time. It has great balance for rapid and true recoil keeping those boxing reflexes honed to a fine edge. The price may seem high but it is still worth the money due to its staying power and quality.

Tuf-Wear Speed Bag

This bag can be purchased in a larger size than some others and that will make it a good choice for boxers who want to build up punching muscles more than work on precision. It still offers true rebounding and fast recoil for the more experienced boxer so it can be seen as a jack of all trades. The affordable price combines with these other features to make it a perfect choice for beginners too. It is an all-around best buy especially at this price.

Rival High Performance Double End Bag

This bag will last a long time. Made of synthetic leather it will stand up to all the punishment you give it. The bag delivers of true rebounding action and will increase your punching precision as it more closely resembles actual combat than a stand still bag. The aerobic workout it provides is more of a help to your stamina that the regular speed bag offers. A great tool in your training arsenal whether you are a serious boxer or workout enthusiast who wants to change things up a little.

Jeff Wilson
I started  competing in athletics 29 years ago at the age of 5, since then I've participated in a large number of team and individual sports including: baseball, soccer, running, boxing and cycling.  I've worked as a coach, a trainer and a personal fitness consultant and I've had health and wellness articles grace the pages of a number of popular websites and print publications.
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