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Best Speed Wrench

A speed wrench is used to remove fasteners at a quicker pace than a traditional wrench, which requires the user to remove and reposition the tool after extending it through its range of motion. They’re also handy to use with fasteners requiring a lot of turning, like wheel nuts. Users just grip the end and spin the large, “C” shaped handle as quick as they can.

Speed wrenches are great because they help to make repetitive jobs like removing the wheel from your car faster and easier. For the purposes of this best speed wrench list, each tool listed features a drive tang size of 3/8-inches. Each wrench is also at least 15-inches long overall, and features some type of handle at the end which cuts back on hand fatigue. Finally, each wrench has a polished surface to make cleanup easier should something spill on the tool, and resists corrosion.

Snap-on F4LBK Speeder with Comfort Knob

Snap-on F4LBK Speeder with Comfort Knob

The Snap-on F4LBK Speeder, Comfort Knob, 16 5/8” is the best speed wrench available for purchase. This durable tool is especially comfortable to use thanks to the handle knob, which is a lot easier to hold so you don’t have to worry about your hand tiring as easily. This feature makes this a great tool to buy if you plan on using it on a frequent basis. As always with Snap-on tools, it’s a bit on the expensive side. However, it will last quite literally a lifetime so it’s a worthy investment.

Armstrong 11-935 3/8" Drive Speed Wrench

The Armstrong Tools 11-935A 3/8" Drive Speeder Handle with Knurled Handle features a specially designed hourglass handle. The concave shape fits better in the palm of your hand by better conforming to your grip. This makes the tool very comfortable to use and hold while the handle is also knurled, which adds considerable grip.  The knurled grip is great if you plan to use your tool outdoors, where things like sweaty palms, spills, or exposure to inclement weather are more common.

SK Tools Model SKT-45181 3/8" Drive Speeder Handle 16.8"

The SK Tools Model SKT-45181 3/8" Drive Speeder Handle 16.8" by SK Hand Tools is one of the best speed wrenches money can buy because of its durability. It’s extremely lightweight and coated with a special finish offering maximum corrosion resistance so you don't have to worry about the tool rusting. This speed wrench also offers a ball detent feature so once you place the socket on the handle, it won't slip off. It’s very useful feature which is often overlooked on cheaper tools. This speed wrench also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Stanley Proto J5280G 3/8" Drive Speed Handle

The Proto J5280G 3/8" Drive Speed Handle 17-1/2" is great if you want similar features to that of the Snap-on speed wrench, but don’t have the money to drop. It features a knob-style handle, which is great for an easy hold so your hand doesn’t tire as easily. The handle is also knurled, which again, adds extra grip. This wrench is built for industrial purposes, so it’s built to last a long time and stand up to abuse. The wrenches durability makes it a great option for those looking to make an good investment on a budget.

Craftsman 16" Speeder Wrench, 3/8" Drive

The 16” Speeder Wrench, 3/8” Drive by Craftsman is a budget speed wrench option. If you want the benefits of other higher end speed wrenches on this list, but can only spend around half the price, then this tool is the best choice for you. It's durable, offers a ball detent feature that keeps sockets in place and you can pick it up for under $20. If you don't have a big budget, look no further than Craftsman for what you need in the speed wrench department.

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