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Best Paper Towels

Finding a strong paper towel to deal with spills can be difficult and, at times, frustrating. Too often substandard towels shred apart or leak everywhere. However, this list delivers five options that are certain to alleviate any concerns over cleaning with paper towels. These best paper towels were chosen because of their strength which allows each pick to clean up liquids and food debris with ease. They’re also extremely absorbent, leaving little behind while using the fewest number of paper towel sheets. The next time you have a spill, look no further than one of these options.

Bounty White Paper Towels Giant Rolls - 8 CT

Bounty Paper Towels Huge Rolls are known to be "America's most absorbent" paper towel, and each roll is so thick that a pair of them equals about five regular ones. Additionally, this product features a special “trap and lock” technology that allows it to sponge and hold liquids up to twice the capacity of other types of paper towels. This means that you will end up having to use less of them to take care of those spills, because just one paper towel can take you further. As far as pricing goes, Bounty Paper Towels are a little more expensive in comparison to its competitors, but you’re buying into the best quality non-tear paper towel on the market. To keep cleaning fun, Bounty Huge Rolls have assorted print designs on them to celebrate seasonal events or just to personalize your kitchen space a little more.

Sparkle Paper Towels - 8 Giant Rolls

Sparkle Giant Rolls are currently one of the bestsellers on Amazon by a long shot because they’re extremely cost effective, durable, and absorbent. Taking these factors into account gives it an edge on many other products, as each roll has 50 percent more 2-ply sheets than a regular-sized one does. In addition to that, these rolls are priced nicely so you won't have to spend a whole lot in comparison to other types out there. So, if you’re looking for paper towel that gets the job done with a lot of bang for your buck, then this could be a great option for you.

Scott Paper Towels, Choose-A-Sheet, Mega Roll - 8 Count

Scott Paper Towels Mega Rolls can quickly absorb your spills and messes thanks to ridges in the towels which are ideal for scrubbing and soaking up liquids; however, this is a 1-ply item so it might take more than one sweep to get rid of everything. However, in a group of eight rolls Scott has added even more towels to each one so it's like purchasing even more rolls in one pack. The best part is these paper towels aren't as expensive as other leading brands, so it's a great deal for your what you're spending. In addition to that, they are perforated really well so they are easy to tear and have gotten a lot of feedback saying that they do a great job in the absorption department.

Viva Regular Roll Paper Towels

Viva's paper towels utilize a fiber-packed material which makes them very soft but also incredibly strong, so it feels like you're cleaning with a cloth as opposed to a paper product. They stay tough even after they get wet and you can scrub away without worrying about it turning into a torn up mess. Secondly, the price for these rolls is about average when stacked up against Viva's competitors. This means you won't feel like you're just buying cheap junk but at the same time you're also getting a decently designed paper towel. Additionally, when you buy Viva Paper Towels Big Rolls, you receive 33 percent more product than their regular paper towels.

Brawny Paper Towels - 8 Giant Rolls

Brawny Paper Towels Giant Rolls are a great buy if you’re looking for a 2-ply towel that can get the job done fast. Each roll has 50 percent more sheets than the average roll and are contoured to make it easier to scrub those tough to clean areas. As far as pricing goes they are more on the higher end of the spectrum along with the Bounty paper towels. Nevertheless, these paper towels never fail to please the customers who purchase them for their reliability. Aside from table tops and floors, Brawny Paper Towels are also great for crystal clear, streak free windows.

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