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Best Swim Fins

Finding the best swim fins really comes down to a matter of personal preference and need. Some are built for speed, some are made to be strapped over scuba boots, some are full-footed or open-heeled, and some are designed with a split-fin instead of a traditional non-split fin. So when searching for your pair of swim fins, keep in mind what you'll be using them for. Also, always choose a pair that is snug but without pinching your toes or heels. If you intend on wearing them over scuba boots, try purchasing your boots at the same time you buy your fins so you can try them on together.

To encompass the widest variety out of all available swim fins, the following list represents those fins that are tops today covering all of those categories.

Mares Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Fins

While most quality fins are developed for specific water conditions (i.e. warm water, heavy waves or smooth surfaces), the Mares Avanti Superchannel Full-Foot fins are designed for all situations. Take them anywhere and you can't go wrong. It may be true that there are some that are more powerful or more luxurious but none are nearly as versatile without sacrificing pure quality. Featuring Mares' Channel Thrust Technology, this new blade is created by combining a large central superchannel with two smaller lateral channels to maximize thrust and efficiency while reducing leg fatigue. These fins are made of Tecralene and Thermoplastic rubber for durability and an orthopedic foot pocket for superior comfort. Experience the full advantage of the Avanti Superchannel Full-Foot fins to understand the true meaning of versatility.

Da FIN Swim Fins

Self-proclaimed "World's Best Swim and Surf Fin" but with good reason, Da FIN is an open-heel fin that is the official swim fin of the United States Lifesaving Association. These fins are arguably the most durable on the market as they are capable of handling the most rugged surf with relative ease. The side rails on Da FIN angle halfway down the blade to force the fin to bend at a critical point for optimum acceleration. The v-shaped foot pocket and the rigid blade work together to create more thrust per kick for maximum acceleration. This innovative design allows Da FIN to be surprisingly powerful for such a lightweight fin. Another added benefit is that as there's no left or right footed fin, they can be interchanged between each foot. If Da FIN is good enough for lifeguards to use then it shouldn't be overlooked.

Mares Pure Instinct Razor Pro Dive Fins

This full-foot dive fin from Mares is fast, comfortable and stylish. Designed specifically for warm-water scuba diving, you will appreciate the sheer power these swim fins will generate. The Instinct Pro features a tapered-section technopolymer blade that is made to create a channeling effect with the water. Micro-ribbing along the blade allows for maximum efficiency while the "V" blade prevents slippage. Not only will you attain optimum speed but you'll feel good wearing these as Mares takes it's time perfecting comfort before and during a dive. Trust your instincts and give the Mares Instinct Pro Dive Fins a try.

Aeris Velocity Full-Foot Swim Fin

One of the best for simple value alone, the Aeris Velocity Full-Foot Swim Fins are for those who want an exceptional fin without breaking the bank. Not as powerful as any of the others on this list, however, these fins are an affordable option for those wanting to start up in the sport at water level. These fins include Aeris' unique Power Enhancing Vents which redirects water flow to reduce leg stress and optimizes velocity. The advanced composite materials are ergonomically designed for ideal fin flexibility. And at only 2.5 pounds per pair, they are extremely lightweight. For a fast and light fin that gives you your basic diving needs, look no further than the Aeris Velocity Full Foot Fins. Also, these come in an Open-Heel version for those wanting to put them over scuba boots.

Mares Raptor Split Fins

Best for swim boots, these open-heel fins are designed to maintain power and comfort while reducing exertion. Split fins allow for less strain on the legs than traditional fins and, as such, improves a diver's endurance and subsequent air consumption. The Raptor's innovative hydrofoil design made of elastic materials with double layered construction is the ultimate in fin technology. Mares' own Adjustable Binding System allows users to release these fins with one finger. These fins come with Mares Full Manufacturer's Warranty. Hunt down the Mares Raptor Split Fins and you won't be disappointed.

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