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Tanning enthusiasts often reach for tanning lotions to help enhance and accelerate the tanning process. Whether you prefer outdoor tanning or indoor tanning beds, these handy lotions can help you develop your tan faster while extending its lifespan. Many of these lotions can also nourish, rejuvenate, and protect your skin with the inclusion of vitamins, antioxidants, and natural extracts such as hemp seed or green tea. With so many tanning lotions available, it’s important to choose one suitable for your skin type and tanning needs. Refer to our buyer’s guide listed below to determine which of these products is ideal for you.

Australian Gold Accelerator Lotion

Australian Gold Accelerator Lotion is an affordable, effective tanning lotion featuring the highest user ratings. This formula is suited for both beginner and advanced tanners, permitting all skin types to darken without burning. It doesn't contain any bronzer, so orange streaks and unsightly blotches are never an issue. Instead, this lotion is designed to solely accelerate your tan while enriching your skin with nourishing vitamins and oils. Users praise the pleasant fragrance and superior bronzing results this lotion provides. It also glides on smoothly and leaves your skin ultra-smooth.

Millennium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Experience tanning luxury and technology with Solid Black by Millennium Tanning. This advanced tanning bed lotion features powerful silicone bronzers and Auto-Darkening Tan Technology to help you achieve the darkest tan ever. It also contains extreme moisturizers to enhance your tan and protect your skin. Users claim this tanning bed lotion delivers brown — not orange — color that won't quickly fade. It also has an appealing, subtle fragrance without that overwhelming after-tan odor.

Black & Tan Indoor Tanning Bed Bronzer

Achieve the dark color you've always desired with Black & Tan Indoor Tanning Bed Bronzer. This lotion is unique because it uses energizing warming beads along with luxurious silicone emulsion to deliver 75 times bronzing results. You'll notice results after just one use, and the color is very long lasting. Users claim this formula works very quickly and doesn't look unnatural or orange on skin. However, you have to rub this lotion in thoroughly to prevent streaks from developing.

Maui Babe Browning Lotion

Maui Babe Browning Lotion is a Hawaiian tanning lotion made from native ingredients, aloe, and oils. This natural tanning lotion accelerates the tanning process, preventing hours of skin damage in the sun. It's also suited for sensitive to normal skin types, and can be used with other sunscreen products. Users claim Maui Babe Browning Lotion delivers a real tan really fast. It provides bronzing results in just one hour and smells fantastic on your skin.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion And Accelerator

Indulge in the maximum tanning experience with Cheeky Brown Accelerator Plus Bronzer. This advanced tanning formula contains natural bronzers, native Australian oils, and vitamins A and E for an ultra-hydrating, deeply bronzed glow. It works great for outdoor use and has a cocoa fragrance that you'll love. Users also appreciate how this product delivers an authentic, long-lasting tan that never looks red or orange. This lotion works also works well on pale, sensitive skin that burns easily.

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Tanning Sunscreen Lotion

Experience soft, glowing skin with Hawaiian Tropic Sun Tanning Sunscreen Lotion. This formula is packed full of enriching ingredients like exotic botanicals and extracts, antioxidants, and aloe vera to truly nourish and moisturize your skin as it darkens. SPF 4 sunscreen also provides some protection from the sun, preventing skin from burning. Users claim this lotion prevents redness and bronzes skin nicely. It does have that traditional coconut scent, but most users found it pleasant. This formula also resists water for up to 80 minutes, another added benefit.

Millenium Tanning Black Storm Premium Tanning Lotion

Millenium Tanning Black Storm Premium Tanning Lotion instantly delivers dark, even color using Auto-Darkening Tan Technology. It also features time released bronzers, which deepen and enhance your skin tone overtime. What's so awesome about this tanning lotion is it nourishes your skin with acai, a powerful antioxidant. Users appreciate the moisturizing effects of this lotion and claim it provides amazing color. You can get at least five shades darker within a few weeks.

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle

Achieve an immediate tan with Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle. This formula is designed to increase blood flow to your skin for instant darkening effects. It includes natural bronzing extracts to intensify your tan, plus contains hemp seed extract and Lipocare Blend for anti-aging, firming, and slimming benefits. Users claim this tingle lotion is very effective and instantly darkens skin. It will make your skin lobster-red at first, so make sure you don't have to go anywhere for a few hours after applying this lotion. You have a base tan before using this product.

Ed Hardy Body Shots Tingle Lotion

Ed Hardy Body Shots is scientifically formulated to provide instant darkness. It has an intense tingle that will make your skin burn at first. However, your skin should become a couple shades darker a few hours later. Users insist this tingle lotion is very strong and best suited for experienced tanners. It does, however, deliver a super-dark tan at a more affordable price than salon tingle lotions. This product has a sparkling citrus fragrance that many users appreciate.

Pro Tan Seriously Hot Extreme Sizzle Bronzer

Get the color you've always desired with Pro Tan Seriously Hot Extreme Sizzle Bronzer. It sets your skin "on fire" to provide a deep, rich tan that looks even and natural. This formula has a level 10 tingle complex and 10 times the bronzer for instant tanning results. Users claim you can get several shades darker with just one use of this product. It also smells pleasant and is very long lasting. This tingle lotion is not formulated for newbies, so it's best to have a base tan prior to application.

Swedish Beauty Aloe There Color Boosting Moisturizer

Unlike many after tan lotions, Swedish Beauty Aloe There Color Boosting Moisturizer is formulated without parabens, which are unhealthy for skin. Instead, this lotion nurtures your skin and prolongs your tan using 95 percent natural-based ingredients including hemp seed oil, aloe vera, soy, and honey. It's a rich lotion that feels lightweight -never greasy- and dries very quickly. Users love the fresh scent, moisturizing effects, and how great their skin looks. It will definitely helps your tan last longer, as well.

Hempz Age Defying Body Moisturizer

Halt signs of aging with Hempz Age Defying Herbal Body Moisturizer. It's enriched with pure hemp seed oil, key amino acids, and essential fatty acids for superb hydration and skin conditioning, which are necessary after tanning. The result is your skin becomes smoother, firmer, and more toned within a few weeks of using this body moisturizer. Users insist they notice an improvement of skin firmness and softness. This moisturizer is also light, non-greasy, and very absorbent.

Buyer's Guide

Tanning Lotion Buyer's Guide

Sunbathing can be harmful to bare, unprotected skin so a quality tanning lotion is essential to have. When paired with a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen, tanning lotion allows you to experience the bronzed glow achieved by lying out in the sun for hours. There are many different types of tanning lotions with some designed for just indoor use in tanning beds, while others are formulated for tanning outdoors. There are also tanning accelerators and tingle lotions allowing for faster tanning, while after-tan lotions help simultaneously preserve your tan and restore skin.

A tanning lotions effectiveness is a primary factor to consider before choosing a specific product. The darkening quality and amount of time required to achieve that level of skin bronzing is key. Quality tanning lotions allow you to become more bronzed in less time while keeping skin healthy moisturized. They also provide lasting glows to prevent the need for constant application.

Keep in mind you should never substitute a tanning lotion for a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Tanning lotions are only designed to intensify the effects of ultraviolet rays, not protect against them. Using a high-numbered, broad spectrum sunscreen along with a tanning lotion significantly prevents the risk of developing skin cancers.

Natural-Looking Appearance
The whole point of tanning is for a healthy glow and enhance your overall appearance. The best tanning lotions deliver an even, bronzed glow that’s never mistaken for a “fake” tan. Conversely, using a low-quality tanning lotion can result in ugly orange streaks or an unnatural-looking tan.

Skin Nourishment
Quality tanning lotions go beyond simply bronzing by moisturizing and conditioning skin with nourishing ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, and hemp seed. Some tanning lotions also provide age-defying benefits such as skin firming and wrinkle prevention use antioxidants and amino acids.

Tanning Lotion Types

Outdoor Tanning Lotion
Outdoor tanning lotions typically contain natural oils and bronzers that when exposed to the sun, help darken skin pigments. Some outdoor tanning lotions may also contain low levels of broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, but typically not enough to protect skin against sun-related skin damage.

Indoor Tanning Lotion
Indoor tanning lotions allow you to develop your tan without the need for natural sunlight exposure. These tanning lotions typically work more quickly than outdoor tanning lotions and are known to help extend the lifespan of your tan. 

Bronzing Tanning Lotion
Similar to indoor tanning lotions, bronzing tanning lotions help you achieve deeper skin color in less time. They usually contain natural bronzers along with vitamins, minerals, and oils to provide rich, long-lasting color. Many bronzing tanning lotions also moisturize skin and help improve its radiance.

Tanning Accelerator
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, tanning accelerators rapidly darken skin by activating the melanin production in pigment cells. Tanning accelerators may also contain nourishing ingredients such as vitamins and hydrating oils to help protect and rejuvenate skin Certain accelerators contain bronzers, as well.

Tingle Lotion
Tingle lotions quickly deepen your skin tone by drawing more blood to your skin’s surface. When the melanin in your skin is exposed to more oxygen, the effects of ultraviolet rays are intensified. Tingle lotions are meant for use experienced tanners and not suitable for use by individuals with sensitive skin. 

After Tan Lotion
After tan lotions help replenish moisture and nutrients lost during tanning. They may contain nourishing ingredients such as antioxidants, hemp seed extract, or amino acids to condition your skin and improve its texture, tone, and overall appearance. After tan lotions can also help extend the longevity of your tan.

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