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Best Tattoo Concealer

A tattoo concealer product is necessary on those occasions when you can't display your body art to the world. Whether you need to camouflage your tattoo for a job or wedding, you want the best coverage possible. A poorly covered tattoo looks really tacky, so don't waste your money on just any product claiming to hide tattoos. The following tattoo concealers featured below are highly pigmented, provide complete coverage, and stay on for several hours. Many tattoo concealers tend to dry out skin, so extra moisturizing may be necessary.

Dermablend Cover Cream Foundation

If you desire professional-grade coverage for your tattoo, look no further than Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation. This creamy, lightweight formula is highly pigmented to provide the most complete coverage for flawless, natural-looking skin. It's available in 21 different shades to complement any skin tone and provide the best match. Expect your flawless coverage to last 12 full hours, even in various climates and weather conditions. Even swimming won't make this product wear off your skin! Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation is also very hydrating to your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

"Glamoflauge" is a great option if you don't want to spend much on a tattoo coverup product. Although this isn't the most moisturizing concealer you'll find, it does dry and set very quickly on your skin. It's highly pigmented and delivers complete, long-lasting coverage. While this concealer doesn't claim to provide waterproof benefits, it actually does withstand many conditions due to how securely it bonds to skin. Choose from five shades: Ultra Light, Light, Medium Light, Medium and Tan. "Glamoflauge" is also easy to blend and comes with a pencil for covering smaller areas.

Mahron Tattoo Covering

Got a dark tattoo you want to hide? Don't worry - the Mehron Tattoo CoveRing has you covered. Since 1927, Mehron has been developing and manufacturing high quality performance makeup for theatrical, opera, motion picture, video, television, and other various uses. The Tattoo CoveRing is a new addition to the Mehron family, and this cream is designed to cover any and all tattoos, birthmarks, and blemishes. There are five shades available on the palette, allowing you to blend and layer for perfect coverage. This formula is also waterproof, so you can rest assured your tattoo will stay hidden all day.

Tattoo Camo Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo Camo Kit is another product with a great reputation for covering tattoos. It will run you around $35, but you get both concealer and translucent setting powder. The concealer comes in six natural-looking shades to suit any skin tone, and all shades are resistant to water and sweat. Each shade is also highly pigmented for the most complete coverage possible and can be used for multiple applications. Apply the concealer first, then use the translucent setting powder to help keep the concealer in place throughout the day.

JUDITH AUGUST Killer Cover Total Blockout Makeup

Judith August created a makeup line designed to conceal everything from everyday flaws to tattoos. Her products are used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and skin professionals nationwide. The Total Blockout Makeup basically consists of the 5 Color Wheel, which features five shades ranging from Ivory (light) to Earth (deep). This allows you to blend and create custom shades for any skin tone. Killer Cover Total Blockout Makeup costs $36, which is about typical for tattoo concealer makeup. You can also use this makeup to cover age spots, veins, birthmarks, and bruises.

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