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Best Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge is an important tool that can help improve fuel efficiency on a vehicle and promote a longer service life for tires. Auto tires should be kept to an optimum range of air pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), so the treads wear evenly and the car doesn't waste fuel. All of these tire pressure gauges fit directly onto valve caps and can take measurements of at least 10 PSI to 99 PSI. These tire pressure gauges were chosen for this list based on their ability to provide clear readings, attach easily to a valve cap, their cost-effectiveness and their accuracy; all gauges listed are accurate within 1 PSI.

Accutire MS-4350B Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

This Accutire tire gauge model can read tire pressure at levels from 5 PSI up to 99 PSI, which is useful for a wide range of tires. The LCD screen is designed to be easily read, and PSI measurements are displayed using large numbers. A backlit screen helps ensure users can read PSI measurements even at night. Accutire’s Set Point technology allows users to set factory default PSI ratings for the front and back tires, so that an owner doesn't have to find the rating on the tire each time the pressure is checked. The ergonomic design of this gauge also makes it very comfortable to grip during use. One drawback of this device is the need to go through multiple mode screens on the LCD display to use the pressure reader.

JOES Racing Products Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-150 32436

JOES Racing Products Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-150 32436

This JOES Digital Tire Pressure Gauge provides an electronic LED readout of PSI measurements up to 150 PSI, making it one of the most powerful pressure gauges available. This device is calibrated to provide PSI readings within 1 percent accuracy. The manufacturer’s description states that it’s useful for tires on both cars and race trailers, the latter of which often contains too much pressure for typical pressure gauges. This gauge comes with a ball chuck and an angle chuck for easy fitting on any tire valve cap. It also comes packaged with a tread depth gauge to measure your tire treads and see if they should be replaced because of wear.

Accu-Gage EZ02 EZ-Air Tire Gauge

This pressure gauge includes a compressor line so that a user could connect the gauge to the compressor and fill the tire with air while measuring the PSI at the same time. This helps users fill their tires more accurately and quickly. This model is useful both for home air compressors and industrial compressors found at gas stations. A bleed valve located on the pressure gauge can let owners safely release air from the tires if they were filled beyond their pressure rating. The analog dial displaying PSI readings is 2-inches in diameter for better readability and can measure up to 100 PSI. The glass screen and other fragile components of this gauge are protected by a heavy-duty rubber guard.

Slime 2016-A 10-120 PSI Dual Head Gauge with Extenders

The Slime 2016-A pressure gauge packs a lot of power into its small size. It can read PSI levels ranging from 10 PSI up to 120 PSI, making it useful for most vehicles, whether light or heavy. The dual head of this tire pressure gauge gives users the ability to reach a tire valve cap from a different angle, if necessary. Two 1-1/4 inch valve extenders help owners reach valve caps that are obscured or recessed into the tire. The thin make of this pencil gauge allows for easy storage anywhere in the garage or even the car. Customers report getting consistent readings from this tool when other cheap pressure gauges will return wildly varied readings on the same tire. The all-metal construction of this tool also makes it incredibly durable.

Enco HD Swivel Digital Tire Pressure Gauges

Enco HD Swivel Digital Tire Pressure Gauges

The Enco HD Swivel is a digital tire pressure gauge that provides electronic readings of tire pressure and works from 0 PSI up to 100 PSI. The swivel mount helps a user position the gauge so that they don’t have to crane their head or body to see the PSI measurement. The large dial, which measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter, gives more space to the LED display for easier reading. Pressure readings taken with this gauge are accurate to within 0.5 PSI. The 9-inch long flexible hose leading to the digital reader improves an owner’s ability to use this device from any comfortable position. The device is powered by a CR2032 lithium battery, giving the device a much longer service life than those powered by traditional batteries.

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