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Best Toddler Utensils

Toddlers are fiercely independent as they want to do everything on their own and eating is no exception. When little ones decide they are ready to feed themselves, parents should invest in spoons and forks designed specifically for small (and not always perfectly coordinated) hands. We've chosen the best following toddler utensils primarily based on their thoughtful, easy-to-grip handles so little hands have an easy time holding onto them. They also feature fun and eye-catching designs that will entice baby to use them, and the fact that they are dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze once mealtime is over.

Vital Baby First Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

This stainless steel cutlery set by Vital Baby makes learning how to use utensils easier for your little one, thanks to the thick, soft handles that feature special grooves for baby's fingers. Made to be BPA, latex and PVC free, you'll also love that they can be placed on the top shelf of your dishwasher or in a sterilizer, which means that cleaning them up is a breeze. They come in three bright colors, including blue, pink and yellow-orange, which will be sure to catch the eye of your toddler. Your little one will be excited to use these utensils, and you'll be excited to watch them develop her independence.

OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set

The OXO Tot Fork & Spoon Set features a chunky, soft handle that make it easier for little one to grip. There's a flat spot on the handles of these utensils, which prevents them from rolling off the table or high chair during mealtime (something that will surely save you from headaches, meltdowns and dirty spots on the floor). The handles of these utensils come in three vibrant colors, including apple green, aqua and pink while the eating portion of the utensil is made of stainless steel. You'll also love that the cleaning these utensils up is a breeze; just toss them into the top rack of your dishwasher or into your sterilizer and they'll be ready for your next meal.

Gerber NUK BPA Free Kiddy Cutlery

Thanks to its small and manageable size, the Gerber NUK Kiddy Cutlery Set is a great starter spoon, fork and knife for your little one's still growing hands and still developing motor skills. The fork features a built-in knife guide which will help your toddlers master the skill of using a knife. This set is dishwasher safe and durable so not only are they easy to clean, they'll last you a long time. There's a raised resting piece on the back of each utensil, which prevents them from rolling off of flat surfaces when placed down. The bright green, blue, and pink colors are sure to catch the attention of your toddler and keep them focused on mealtime.

Munchkin Mighty Grip Fork and Spoon Set

The Mighty Grip Fork and Spoon Set from Munchkin are ergonomically designed so they're easier for your little one’s hands to grip. The fork features rounded tines which makes it safe for your toddler to use, yet still enables them to easily pick up their food. Likewise, the bowl of the spoon has been designed to hold portions that are just right for toddlers’ mouths. These utensils are BPA free and you can toss them into the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning. These utensils come in two color combinations, either green and blue or pink and green.

Boon Flatware Transitional Toddler Utensils

The contoured handles on the Boon Flatware Toddler Transition Utensils make it easier for your little one to grasp these utensils. The fork tines aren’t sharp, making them safe for your toddler to use, yet they're effective at picking up food. The simple design and the stainless steel ends of these utensils means that cleaning them is a cinch when you wash them either by hand or on the top rack of your dishwasher. Plus, the stainless steel ends make these utensils durable for use throughout toddlerhood. Offered in either a vivid purple or a bright green, your toddler will be sure to love using these utensils for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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