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Two of the top 10 items that define a civilized culture are access to clean water and effective sanitation. While few of us drink out of the toilet, the wonderful commode that we take for granted places us in the top 1 percent of the civilized world.

Not only do 99.99 percent of the homes in America have a toilet, we have at least three or more. Not only do we have three or more, but our toilets are the smartest, most sophisticated toilets in the world. They come with lids (an important factor if you live with flies that spread dysentery) that open and close themselves, seats that are heated, bidets that take care of the dirty work, and they can even come with stereo surround sound for our added enjoyment.

Our commodes on these lists will also use water as efficiently as possible, give us options about how much water to use, and some toilets can even recycle, sterilize and re-use the water depending on how efficient we want to be.

Eago TB108 One Piece Ultra Low Flush Eco-Friendly Toilet

The TB-108 is a very stylish low-flow toilet that contains only the one piece bowl, without any tank. Because it uses so much less water, this model will not need to store three to four liters in a tank, so one is not necessary. Made entirely from ceramic, this model will clean, and stay clean longer than most, so you won’t spend as much time cleaning it as you would another standard toilet with a spray on finish. The siphon flushing system has always conserved more water, and this Eago model has perfected this action. Using only 1.6-GPF (gallons per flush), the Eago model is able to remove waste through a fully glazed two inch trap, minimizing back-ups, and other undesirable marks often seen with low-flow toilets, despite the fact that it is using half the water. Even though it uses much less water, you won’t notice any lack of performance. Designed to seat at a comfortable height, you will find this commode, comfortable, water efficient, effective and stylish all in the same package.

TOTO CST412MF.10 Aquia Dual Flush Toilet

Toto Toilets have long been known to serve their clients with superior medical toilets, designed with lots of options for the physically impaired. The Aquia dual flush toilet is a great opportunity for anyone to purchase a low-flow toilet system with a few extra perks. Toto’s Dual-Max® flushing system is built into an elongated bowl, measured to be at universal height for a comfortable experience. Their Dual-Max® push-button flushing option will reduce water usage to just ‘1.6-GPF & 0.9-GPF’ respectively, so if you are trying to meet any Green Building Code, this Toto model will get you there easily. Unlike some toilet rough-ins, Toto has made theirs at 10-inches, instead of the standard 12 inches. This way, the toilet’s 10-inch opening will be able to fit inside the typical 12-inch opening, reducing any leaks that might take place in the future. This is one of those simple designs that they just happened to think of first. Like all two-piece toilets, this one does not come with a seat, but Toto does offer a clever self-closing, soft-close seat that will eliminate the slamming of the lid. This is a very nice feature if you have little ones around.

Kohler K-3755 Kelston Vitreous China Two-Piece Toilet

The Kohler Kelston model offers a classic two-piece, low-flow toilet that is certain to meet or exceed your expectations, as well as save you a little more money on your water bill every month. It is made at a comfortable chair-high height with an elongated bowl for more maneuverability. This model uses only 1.28-GPF (gallons per flush), as compared to the typical 3.5-GPF toilets in the market today, making it very competitive in the low-flow world. It meets or exceeds the EPA’s WaterSense program, making sure that you are getting what you agreed to purchase, in this low-flow toilet. This translates into a 20 percent reduction in water usage over the following 12 months.

Niagara N7716 Stealth 0.8 GPF Round Toilet Bowl

Stealth makes a wide range of bathroom products, and they put as much thought into the design as they do the appearance. This model uses a very impressive 0.8-GPF (Gallon Per Flush), as compared to the average 1.0-1.6-GPF other low-flow manufacturers use. There is no need to be concerned about not having enough water to flush because their patented hydraulic technology uses the energy of the water filling the tank, to help pressurize the bowl to remove solids as fast as possible, while refilling the tank at the same time. Once flushed, the Niagara quietly clears the waste using just three liters of water. Like all good toilets, the Niagara comes in a variety of pastel colors; a round or elongated shape for comfort, and is designed to install on all standard rough-in openings. You will not need any special installations to get a superior commode in operation. The Niagara is estimates to save as much as 37 percent more water over the course of a year, than standard toilets use.

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

American Standard has led the way in home sanitation for decades. This amazing 1.6-GPF (gallon per flush) low-flow toilet uses American Standard’s duel flush option, to give the user a choice about how much water is used or needed per visit. The very quiet Duel flush feature is controlled at the handle, allowing the user to use only 1.0-GPF, or 1.6-GPF for more solids. The water is flushed through the rim at a slight pressure, and a little more pressure is flushed through the bowl to create a certain amount of siphon action to help rinse and restore water faster. This will eliminate the long, slow, and very noisy process of refilling the tank. One extra nice feature is the patent pending ‘Ever-Clean’ surface that helps to resist staining, mold and bacteria. More than just a spray on finish, the Ever-Clean will actively resist stains and growth preventing build-up in the first place, so cleaning will not have to take place as often. Owners have declared that the dimensions of the toilet, the height, width and length are the exact measurements to facilitate both the user, and the waste perfectly. Everything is lined up comfortably, and washes away easily. Designed with an elongated bowl, American Standard has made using this bowl easier for adults or larger people.

TOTO MS974224CEFG-01 Eco Guinevere One Piece Toilet

Most toilets these days are ADA (Americans With Disabilities) compliant, but few seek the certification. The Toto brand started out servicing those with physical disabilities, so they understand more than most do when it comes to ADA compliance. This Eco Guinevere model is a very attractive one-piece low flow toilet that meets and exceeds the EPAs definition of low consumption. Using only 1.28-gallons per flush, this has one of the best ratings in the industry. What this means to the consumer is that they will be saving as much as 35 percent on their yearly water usage, saving them even more money in the long run. Since most of these toilets have some sort of energy efficiency rebates attached to them, the buyer will also be able to offset their costs even more. One nice surprise is that this Toto model comes with its own Soft-Close seat that eliminates the slamming of the lid. Anyone with kids will appreciate that. This model is also glazed with Totos SanaGloss finish that prevents debris, mold and bacteria from sticking to porous, ceramic surfaces. This finish not only coats the ceramic, but provides a catalyzed ion barrier that actually repels particles away.

Kohler K-3900-0 Numi Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

This squarish, angled shape commode with almost invisible buttons and surprising motion activated lid makes it look more like a piece of furniture, rather than a toilet. The first novelty you will notice is its motion activated lid, that will open up when someone stands in front of it; making this piece oddly attractive. If you are in anyway limited in mobility, this toilet will allow you to simply mount, and leave. It is also a bidet with stainless steel wand that will gently spray water as you direct, to help clean completely for those who cannot manage this function on their own. Followed up with a gentle stream of warm air, this bidet is best in class when it comes to self-cleaning. Designed for those who have trouble bending and twisting, this commode will do all it can to facilitate this daily necessity. This toilet goes beyond the normal bathroom ritual we all must take care of. It also provides a remote control that will program all its features, as well as music while you are in the bathroom. A heated seat and warm air vent for your feet are also an added attraction to enhance the experience. If the bathroom is your favorite place in the house, then this is the commode for you.

Roca W&W Sink and Toilet Combination

Roca W&W Sink and Toilet Combination

This very unique combination sink/ toilet is designed not only for smaller space bathrooms, but it also has an extremely efficient water usage system. The water in the sink will drain through a double filter drain, and on to a treatment tank, where it can be recycled for reuse; or be passed on for use by the toilet. This way, every drop counts! It also contains a very progressive filtering system that conserves water even more. A sample flow pattern can be seen here. The Single-Pro faucet is very attractive with its minimalist, stream lined features, and made to fit in small spaces such as a motor home/ van, or for use where water is at a premium. Even though it is designed for small spaces, it is still large enough to accommodate the average sized person.

American Standard Clean High Efficiency Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

American Standard Clean High Efficiency Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

The American Standard Clean White 1.28 GPF High Efficiency toilet is about what you would expect from a high end, commode here in the USA. Certified by the EPAs WaterSense program, it will conserve water by using no more than 1.6-gallon with each use, saving the homeowner more money over the course of time. The two piece toilet will take little longer to install, but no tools are actually needed. Everything is installed with wing nuts that can be tightened by hand. The ADA compliant elongated bowl will offer more maneuverability by the user while in use, and is good for every sized person that uses it, even children and the elderly. American Standard has trademarked their PowerWash bowl as it increases the pressure used to empty the bowl, providing a little cleaning action with every flush. The EverClean finish is also living up to its name by effectively prohibiting the growth of odor causing mold and bacteria. This model commode will be a great fit for any application. The high end preventative features will make this daily use item easier to use, and less trouble to keep clean.

TOTO Drake II 1.28 GPF Two-Piece Toilet

This Toto Drake model includes the best of Toto Technology, to produce an efficient, strong flow toilet, using a fraction of the water. Their own Double Cyclone? Technology uses the power of gravity to create a stronger 1.28-gallon flush that increase the waters cleaning action. Instead of rim holes used in traditional toilets, this model incorporates two jet spray nozzles that wash the bowl, and position the water for a faster, more quiet, forceful flush. This design has far fewer crevices where bacteria can form, so that translates into less cleaning for the user. This effective design uses 20 percent less water, that travels down a 3-inch wide trap for a fast and quiet experience every time. This toilet is also glazed with a ceramic finish to help keep solids moving.

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