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Best Tomato Cages

A tomato cage is essentially an enclosed trellis that supports the leaves and fruit growth of a tomato plant. Without it, the tomato plant will fall over, causing the fruits to come into contact with the ground, which makes it that much easier for insects and animals to ravage them, while bending of the stems under the weight of the fruit may cause them to break.

Original tomato cages were merely long stakes pounded into the ground, with strings or ribbons tied to the tomato vines, that were then attached to the stake for support. The best modern tomato cages are made with metal for durability and have many horizontal supports where the tomato plant can literally hang on. Design, versatility and ease of use were the most important aspects when making this list, but durability, price and bang for the buck were also considered.

Burpee Pro Series Tomato Cage

The Burpee Pro Series Cage tops this list not because it is a superior tomato cage, but because it is versatile, stable and durable all incorporated into a great design. Yes, it is made out of galvanized metal for durability, and certainly the 4-sided design allows great stability and lets the tomatoes to grow healthy and strong. They are 40 inches tall, but if you have a plant that grows taller and needs extra support, 36-inch extenders can be added onto the top to keep your plants growing strong and sturdy no matter how tall they get. That forethought and design quality makes these #1.

Gurney's Tomato Cage

This is also a square shaped heavy-gauge, galvanized non-rusting wire cage that ensures solid support for your plants. Each cage has eight legs that anchor it firmly in the ground. The cages are large enough to support mature plants and provide good airflow in a good-sized growing area. They are even stackable like the top rated Burpee for those larger tomato plants, but they use an additional cage added to the top as an extender. That means you'll pay more if you have taller growing tomatoes. This is a terrific design that will hold your tomato plants as well as the #1 rated cage, and if you want to spend more money for essentially the same design, then this Gurney's Tomato Cage is for you.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon TMC60 Ultomato Tomato Plant Cage

This is the only build-it-yourself tomato cage on this list, and that type of design and versatility make this the #3 pick. The Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Ultomato Tomato Plant Cage comes in a basic package with three poly-plastic stakes and clip-on supports. You can attach the supports anywhere along the height of the stakes for a custom made fit that will support virtually any tomato plant. Although the stakes are made of a poly-plastic material and will not rust or rot, as long as they are not abused, they will last as long as a metal stake. If you have many different types of tomato plants that will grow to different widths or heights, you can custom make this cage to support virtually any plant that you have.

Origin Point Brands 54 Inch Tomato Cone

If you want the most bang for the buck in a tomato cage, look no further than the Origin Point Brands 54 Inch Tomato Cone- 5 Pack. These are made of galvanized metal, they are very inexpensive and will support your tomatoes. Although a basic design, types like these have been used for almost as long as tomato cages have been around. They are strong, durable and press easily into your garden dirt. They may need an extra stake for support as your tomatoes grow, but for this price, they just can't be beat.

Griffith Creek Designs Ultimate Plant Grow Cage

Certainly one of the best tomato cages available, if you want the highest quality unit made and are willing to pay the price, than the Griffith Creek Designs Ultimate Plant Grow Cage is for you. At 50 inches tall it will support most tomatoes without extensions. It is made of UV Resistant Polyethylene for durability and it folds up, when not in use, for storage. It is pricey, however, and costs three times as much as the next most expensive tomato cage. If you have a small garden and want the best, or if cost is no object, than this tomato cage may vault to the top of your list.

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