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Best Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to a then-obscure company that went on a show with some "sharks". Jamie Siminoff's Ring device failed to secure an investment on the show, but it did spark a trend where people began to take notice. Ring is now essentially synonymous with "video doorbell" like Kleenex is to tissue paper.

For anyone who takes home security seriously, a good video doorbell should be a top priority. Having the capability to see and interact with someone at your front door without physically being home enables a sense of security. Today, there are many companies on the market that offer video doorbells besides Ring. Check out our top picks for Best Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring Doorbell put the video doorbell category on the map, and the company has seen fit to make regular revisions to the device. The second-generation Ring Doorbell 2 sports a 1080p HD camera, compared to the 720p unit installed in the original. The field of view is still impressive: 180 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical. Two-way talk allows you the ability to communicate with anyone at your front door. Another major upgrade found on the Ring Doorbell 2 is the inclusion of a removable quick-release battery pack. The battery pack is rechargeable; it can be plugged in, or it can accept power through the existing wiring from the old doorbell. The doorbell easily connects to your home Wi-Fi and requires very little setup once it's physically installed. The app offers Live View and can be set up to provide push notifications when motion is detected; additionally, users can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection in various zones. It is also fully compatible with Amazon's own Alexa; once connected, any Alexa-enabled device can provide notifications and 2-way communication with the Ring Doorbell 2. While Google Assistant compatibility is claimed, we've seen numerous reports of the two not playing nice with each other. Of course, your mileage may vary. For an added fee, Ring Protect can record, review, and save your videos for up to 60 days. Once signed up, Ring also offers a community forum called Neighbors where other Ring owners in your neighborhood can discuss any events and happenings. It's not the most affordable video doorbell on the market, but the vast support network of the Ring doorbell can add an extra level of security to your residence while giving you added peace of mind.

Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell.jpg

Google Nest Hello Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

If you want the sleekest looking video doorbell, the Nest is it. With its rounded corners and all black silhouette, it looks the most modern out of our picks. Nest is owned by Google, which puts it at a major advantage in terms of utilizing Google’s AI know-how. This allows the Nest Hello Doorbell to benefit from nifty AI-based features such as differentiating between a person and a package at your front door and sending a push notification to your phone. If a package is grabbed, Nest will notify you whether it was picked up by someone it recognizes or not. Another differentiator from other video doorbells is its 24-hour streaming and continuous video recording versus small video clips that start recording only after sound or motion is detected. If you are unable to answer when someone rings, the Nest allows you to reply with prerecorded responses. Like the Eufy on this list, the Nest incorporates HDR to help brighten images even in direct sunlight. Unlike the Ring’s rechargeable battery, the Nest needs to use existing doorbell wiring.

The Nest Video Doorbell is sold only through Google's approved retailer network, including Best Buy.

Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Eufy (stylized as "eufy") may not be a household name like Ring or Nest, but you may have heard of Anker, their sister company. As is typical with Anker's products, the Eufy Video Doorbell makes a strong argument for your hard-earned dollars thanks to its outstanding quality and excellent customer service. Eufy's video doorbell sports a 2560 x 1920 pixel HD camera, which compares favorably to the 1080p units offered in competing models. The 4:3 aspect ratio captures more vertical area than the 16:9 views found on other cameras, and the added resolution results in a noticeably sharper image. The camera also features HDR and Distortion Correction, so you'll be able to easily make out who’s at your front door regardless of ambient lighting or weather conditions. The camera is embedded with AI-based technology that can distinguish between a human and an animal; this way, push notifications are sent only if a person approaches the camera. Unlike many of the big names in the video doorbell market, there are no additional costs beyond the initial purchase of the doorbell, including monthly fees of any kind. An electronic chime is also included - it plugs into a standard household outlet and offers a choice of ringtones and volume adjustment. As with many other video doorbells, the Eufy doorbell comes with two-way audio so you can communicate directly with the person at your door. The app also supports live view, giving users the freedom to monitor the front door area at any time. Installation mirrors that of many other video doorbells - the camera itself taps into existing wiring from the old doorbell, and requires no further attention once it's mounted, powered up, and paired with your home Wi-Fi. If you can get past the lack of immediate brand recognition, this doorbell stands toe-to-toe with the competition and offers more for your money.

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