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Best Volleyball Knee Pads

There are a lot of things to think about before a game: who is the opposing team's go-to hitter? Who is their best passer? Does the setter tip often? Usually your kneepads aren't at the top of your list of things to worry about. But having kneepads that don't fit properly or that don't provide the right amount of padding can be a real distraction during an intense match. You don't want to have to be constantly pulling them up, and you want to know that they will provide enough protection should you fall.

Mizuno T10 Volleyball Kneepads

When diving, you're only falling a few feet to the floor, not from a rooftop - you don't need THAT much padding. These kneepads protect your kneecaps while still remaining slim (a bubble on your knee is never cute) and light-weight. Once you wear these multiple times, they will really mold to your knees. These come in both white and black; choose whichever color looks best with your uniform. White kneepads tend to look more professional, although they do show the dirt faster, but these kneepads are so reasonably priced that buying a fresh pair each season isn't a problem.

Nike Bubble Volleyball Knee Pads

If you bruise easily, Mizuno's kneepads may not provide enough padding for you. Nike's kneepads offer a little more cushioning than Mizuno's. They stay in place well and look sharp. Like the Mizuno T10 Kneepads, these come in both white and black. (As you read above, white tends to look better.) If you have a Nike uniform, you might want to purchase Nike kneepads to match; it can look silly if you sport multiple brands on the court.

Asics Competition 3.0G Knee Pad

Asics really knows the game of volleyball. Their court shoes are some of the best on the market, so it makes sense that they would produce a solid knee pad as well. These kneepads are well-made and will properly protect your knees. However, many find these kneepads to run pretty small! They can fit a little too tight around the knees. If you are on the slim side, though, these kneepads could work well for you. They also stretch out after use.

Adidas AdiKP Knee Pads

These kneepads have great protection, designed for intense match play. They have plenty of padding, yet remain rather slim, making them ideal for the player who hits the floor often but doesn't want a lot of bulk on the knee.

Under Armour Armour Volleyball Kneepad

Under Armour is not usually a premier brand when it comes to the sport of volleyball, but these knee pads could be welcomed on any court. They are light-weight, form-fitting, and absorb moisture well. Like almost all knee pads available, they come in both black and white. They are not as durable as Mizuno or Nike, however, so if you play a lot, these may not be the best fit for you.

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