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Wakeboarding is the embodiment of water sports. Originating from surfing, snowboarding and waterskiing techniques, wakeboarding involves towing the rider behind a motorboat or personal water craft. Bodyboards can range in style as much as they vary in price. Boards typically have a foam or wood core with a fiberglass coating. The location of the bindings and fins will depend largely on whether you are interested in performing tricks. Other factors to take into consideration when choosing the best wakeboard are the style of the rocker, the bottom design, the length and the width of the wakeboard. The wakeboards on this were chosen because they are also fast, responsive and stable.

Liquid Force 2014 Harley Wakeboard

The Liquid Force 2014 B.O.B. Wakeboard is a pro model that offers peak performance whether you are on the lake or on the cable-circuit. The 2014 B.O.B. has an all wood core with a lightweight fiberglass overlay. This is one of the thinnest boards in Liquid Force’s lineup and is protected by an LF Internal Liquid Rail that seals the sidewall of the board and increases its strength. The Five stage rocker gives you extreme lift off the wake with ease. You’ll appreciate the extra lift that the double concave hull offers. The hull design also adds speed and control. The B.O.B. comes in eight different board lengths that can accommodate up to a 275 pound rider.

Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard (2014)

The 2014 Slingshot Shredtown Tech Wakeboard claims its design inspiration is rooted in aerospace technology; it is certainly a board that can achieve liftoff. The Shredtown lives up to its name with one of the fastest releasing boards on the market. This wakeboard is easy to control on the lake or on the cable course. Whether you ride with the fins or without, the Slingshot Shredtown is fast, easily controlled and releases fast. With such a fast release, this board is made for the rail. The 2013 Slingshot Whip comes with four 6” X 0.75” Black Wake Fins. The Shredtown comes in three sizes, 135cm, 139 cm and 143 cm depending on the rider’s weight and ability. All models have a continuous rocker for maximum speed.

O'Brien 2014 Bruce Wakeboard

O'Brien 2014 Bruce Wakeboard

The O’Brien Bruce is a pro-quality wakeboard that is designed for extreme lift and speed. Suited for the cable rail as well as the lake, the Bruce has a Fusion core with Dura rail edges and Impact base. The Bruce 5-Stage rocker is fast and gives the rider extreme lift off the wake. This board is perfect for intermediate or expert riders who want a fast board that hits hard but is still controllable. A full rail through the center increases buoyancy at slower speeds. At faster speeds, the rail ensures a quick release from the wake. The Bruce is 52 inches in length and can carry a maximum weight of 170 pounds. This is the ideal board if you are looking for something that is fast and capable of technical tricks.

Byerly 2014 AR-1 Wakeboard

Byerly 2014 AR-1 Wakeboard

The Byerly AR-1 Wakeboard is a pro model is fast and durable. The top and bottom fiberglass is fused throughout the Biolite 3 core using the cross link construction, making the AR-1 extremely lightweight and thin but without sacrificing strength. Thin edges at the tip and tail allow the board to be highly responsive. This board clinches the wake and still pops off effortlessly. The AR-1 has a continuous rocker for speed. Additional features include a Subtle Center Landing Feature and an elevated foot bed. The AR-1 comes in 53 and 55-inch lengths for varying rider sizes and ability.

Hyperlite 2014 Marek Nova Wakeboard

Lighter than past models, the Marek Nova is a responsive and fast wakeboard. The Marek Nova has an abrupt continuous rocker line, making this wakeboard incredibly fast but still able to pop off the wake. The Marek Nova has a fully machined Nova core, Monocoque construction with layered fiberglass and M6 inserts. The Enduro base gives the rider a quicker release off the wake. The bottom composition has a two stage channel, 9 degree angled fins and four 1-inch P-wing fins. The Strata mounting system allows the rider to make small adjustments in their stance. The Marek Nova is a pro-quality wakeboard.

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