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Best Water Shoes

Whether you kayak, fish, or just want to protect your feet while walking on the beach or the scorching concrete alongside an outdoor pool, you will want the best water shoes to add to your gear. Water shoes guard the bottoms of your feet with a hard sole. The rest of the shoe is made from fast drying materials like neoprene. As with any other piece of footwear, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Where you plan on wearing your water shoes will be a factor in determining the right pair. If your are likely to traverse areas with rocks, coral, mussels or shell, you will want a water shoe with a thicker sole than a pair you might select for the poolside. These water shoes were selected because they are made from durable materials, are comfortable and dry exceptionally fast.

Speedo Women's Hydro Comfort 2.0 LU Water Shoe

The Hydro Comfort 2.0 Lace Up Water Shoe by Speedo are the best because they are extremely comfortable, have exceptional traction and dry quickly. The shell of these shoes are made from a single piece of durable fabric that stretches to easily slip on and off, but will not lose elasticity through years of exposure to pool chemicals or salt water. The molded finger hole in the stretch collar makes it even easier to put these shoes on, even when wet. You can rest assured that the textured lightweight rubber soles will grip any wet surface, giving you confidence in your footing around the pool. The foam insoles are very comfortable and do not absorb water. The Hydro Comfort Lace Up s are perfect for water aerobics and comfortable enough for daily wear, wet or dry.

Speedo Men's Hydraterra Strap Water Shoe

Speedo is well known for producing some of the best gear for in the water. The Hydraterra Strap Water Shoes by Speedo are an extremely soft and lightweight pair of water shoes that are perfect for poolside. The single layer of lightweight mesh and side ports ensure rapid draining and drying. Multiple grooves running in various directions line the anti-slip rubbers soles that provide perfect grip any smooth and surface. The Hydraterra Strap is easy to slip on and adjust with a single elastic strap. The EVA foam insole is stitched into these water shoes, so it won’t slip out when you take them off when wet.

Teva Men's Dozer III Closed Toe Sandal Water Shoe

The Teva Dozer III is the perfect combination of a great hiking shoe and a sandal. This hybrid has Durabrasion Rubber soles that give outstanding traction on any surface, wet or dry. The Dozer III is made from tough synthetic leather straps that join a lightweight mesh on the top of the foot. This design give you maximum protection, while still allowing multiple openings for draining. A toe covering offers you additional protection for rocky, shell-covered or other difficult terrain. These water shoes come with all of the added comfort you would expect from a Teva product, including the EVA foam midsole, Shoc Pad and anti-microbial protection.

Teva Women's Churn Evo Water Shoe

Teva is well known for making some of the best hiking and water shoes on the market. The Women’s Churn Evo made by Teva is no exception. These water shoes are made from durable synthetic leather with fast draining mesh in the upper portions of the design. Weighing only 8 ounces, these shoes give you a lot of support without adding a lot to the profile of the shoe thanks to the Teva Shoc Pad. The Churn Evo drains and dries quickly because of the uniquely designed drainage channels in the front portion of the shoe. Elastic laces provide a custom fit. These stylish water shoes are perfect for travel, work or play.

Adidas Hydroterra Shandals

The Adidas Hydroterra Shandal is the perfect water shoe for hiking in wet conditions. The sole of these shoes have outstanding grip on even the slickest surfaces. Designed to resemble a regular running shoe, the Hydroterra Shandal has elastic laces and a clasp that locks over the top to hold them in place. The outer mesh layer stretches to fit most foot shapes comfortably. One convenient feature of this pair of water shoes is that the heel folds down, making it possible to simply slip on the shoe. These shoes have midsole cushions made from high quality and fast drying EVA foam, ensuring a fast dry and preventing that awkward squishing noise when walking on dry land.

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I am a writer who has lived in Florida for the past 14 years where I have become devoted to any activity on the water, including fishing, diving, water skiing, and kayaking. I have repaired and outfitted small boats and kayaks for fishing and have fished both fresh and salt water during my travels throughout the Southeastern U.S. and the Bahamas. On land, I am an avid hiker and camper and have traveled along trails from San Diego to the Everglades.
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