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Best Weighted Vest

The weighted vest is a versatile tool to have in any workout arsenal as it can be used in both cardio and strength training workouts for added hands-free resistance. There’s a number of weighted vests on the market but not all of them are exactly the highest of quality; some manufacturers seem to simply throw a lumpy sandbag or weight stick into some nylon and call it a day. Sometimes you’re better off with lighter weights and a better fit which is why we’ve chosen these best weighted vests which offer perfect sizing fitted for most individuals, quality fabric and workmanship for long lasting use, and even-distribution of weights to optimize workout resistance.

TITIN Force Shirt

The Titin weighted shirt is one of the most innovative and ingenious fitness products of the last decade. It’s basically a weighted shirt fitting tight to the body and allows for completely natural body movement. The Sorbtek material is a miracle of modern technology, soft to the touch, prevents friction injuries during long workouts and wicks moisture away for additional friction reduction.

The weights are thin and soft hydro gel which can be heated or cooled for rehabilitative comfort. The weights fit into 14 perfectly balanced double stitched pockets and covered by an outer compression shirt to keep the soft gel weights safe and close to the body. Though the weights only total 8 pounds, they’re so close to your body it makes them much more effective than a traditional weight vest.

Hyper Wear Hyper Vest Pro Weight Vest

At first glance, this weighted vest resembles tactical body armor more than it does a traditional weight vest. The Hypervest Pro comes with 10 pounds of high density weights with the ability to ramp up to 54 additional pounds depending on the size of the vest. The vests compression fabric is breathable, odor/moisture resistant, and so thin it will easily fit under a regular T-shirt.

The weights are evenly distributed on the front and the back of this vest for optimal balance and each weight pocket is perfectly stitched. Combined with the material type, this vest offers an uninhibited range of motion. The perfect weight distribution makes it easy to breathe heavy without chest compression no matter size or gender. Hypervest Pro is offered in sizes from small to XXL.

V-Force Weight Vest

The V Max by V Force is by far the most durable vest on the market today largely because of its 1000 Denier Nylon material; soft to the touch but durable and flexible during rigorous workouts. The vest is made for the serious athlete looking for a real challenge as most vests don’t dare approach the 100 pound mark. The vest is a little bit bulky because of the steel box weights but it still offers a free range of motion and a balanced feeling front and back.

The Nylon binders and military grade fasteners keep this vest tight to the chest for comfort as well as confidence so you know that you can complete your workout without the vest shifting. What really sets the V Force V max apart are the reflective safety bands which trim the weights and come in many colors to match your personal style. V Force even offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

Mir Pro Adjustable Weighted Vest

For years, this top-rated weighted vest from MiR has appealed to athletes mainly because of the high quality workmanship and solid stitching. The weights are evenly distributed on the front and back for a perfect balance and loaded toward the top of the vest for optimum performance. The weights are a bit bulky, but a double nylon belt with clip fasteners make this a comfortable and tight fit for most body types.

The inside of this vest is double padded for extra comfort which is especially important around the shoulder area where thinner vest designs are prone to digging into your shoulders. It has one D-ring on either shoulder to enhance your workout options which makes this weighted vest perfect for the dedicated athlete.

X Vest 40-Pound Weight Vest

The X Vest may seem a little intimidating at first with all of its straps and loops but they all form a custom fit tailored to your workout options. The X Vest is made of a 400 Denier Nylon; soft on the skin yet durable enough to withstand heavy weight. The Vest is offered in 20, 40, and 84 pounds versions, adjustable in 1 pound increments. The vest itself is a little bit bulky but the Velcro belt helps keep it tight to your torso during exercise.

The weights are evenly distributed in the front and back while straps over the shoulders and the torso keep the weights in place and tight against the body. X Vest offers a sturdy D-ring in the back for use with bands or cords for multi-plane resistance training which really makes this vest dual-purpose. X Vest is offered in sizes from extra small to extra-large.

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