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Best White Noise Machine

A good night's sleep is important for health and wellness, and a white noise machine can really help to create an atmosphere where you can sleep peacefully without jarring outside noises waking you up. White noise machines can also be used to calm and soothe your baby at bedtime, or just to create a healthy soundscape to help you escape from noisy neighbors, traffic sounds, or any other unwanted sound intrusions. The best white noise machines offer a sound that is soothing and can mask both household and outdoor sounds, and do not have an easily detectable sonic pattern. Here are five of the most effective and easy-to-use white noise machines on the market today.

Marpac Sound Screen Sleep Conditioner White Noise Generator

The two most common complaints about white noise machines are that they take up too much room and the noise they make does not fill the room. The Marpac white noise machine has a tiny 3.5-inch diameter, which makes it one of the smaller white noise machines on the market, but the sound that comes out of it is surprisingly loud. That doesn't mean it has to be loud all the time, though. An easily adjustable volume knob allows you to control the amount of white noise necessary for your perfect night of sleep. Even those who sleep with snorers will find this white noise generator effective.

Marsona TSCi-330 White Noise Travel Sound Conditioner

If you are a light sleeper, any kind of travel can be a nightmare. You never know what sort of noise situation you'll find yourself in at a hotel or guest house, so it's important to have a portable travel-sized white noise machine that you can take with you anywhere. Marsona has really got all the bases covered with this travel sound conditioner that works across a range of voltages for international use. The flat shape means it can easily be packed either in a suitcase or carry tote, and the high quality white noise signal is particularly resistant to pattern detection, which makes it perfect for "picky" sleepers.

Sound + Sleep Adaptive Sound Machine

When you want to forget that you are really just sleeping in your regular bed, hearing night time traffic or the neighbors' barking dog as you try to sleep, this is the sound machine for you. Its adaptive capability means it responds to background noises so your precious sleep is sure to stay uninterrupted. There's a timer and an easy-to-see display that features a variety of realistic sounds for a completely seamless sleep experience.

Tranquil Moments White Noise Sound Machine for Baby

This is another Brookstone white noise machine, and although they market this particular model toward babies, it seems to work equally well for all members of the household. There are five other programs in addition to the white noise program, and all were developed by an award-winning neuroacoustics team. Some of the programs do cater directly to infants (such as the "prenatal" and "lullabye" settings), but the others are appropriate for more general use, especially the acoustically superior white noise program, so this machine can be used by any member of the family.

The Soothing Shell Sound Machine

If you happen to be looking for a white noise machine that is decorative as well as effective, the BreeZee Soothing Shell Sound Machine is a great choice. With an unusual sea shell shape, this small but powerful sound machine can generate white noise, rain, ocean, thunder, woods, birds, stream, or heartbeat sounds. The rain and stream programs are particularly nice to create a relaxing environment during waking hours, while the white noise program is loud enough to fill even large bedrooms and can be set on a timer for those who don't want noise all night long.

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