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Best Work Boots

When you are working hard on the job, you need to know you have a durable work boot protecting your feet. Depending on your line of work, you may find yourself dodging large blocks of concrete or falling trees. You may walk through a bog, hoping your boots stay where they belong: your feet! There are many choices out there, but will they really serve their purpose? If not, your foot could end up crushed. You may not expect to have so many options for a work boot. I mean, it’s not like you are buying a high-performance car. It’s a boot! But in the end, a boot has many properties that you may or may not want. Others you may need to have and simply not know it. The material of your work boot is important. Did you know that? You want a work boot that breathes while hugging your foot like a slipper. Leather and vinyl are the most common, but leather comes in several styles including faux leather, real animal hide and different textures. These are more for look than function. Boot construction also weighs heavily on how good of a boot it is. The stitching, how the sole is attached and even the laces of the boot are important. Who knew work boots could be so complicated? No fear. The top 5 work boots are found below so that you can stop spending money on work boots that simply aren’t effective.

Eastland Hemlock Boots

This is one gorgeous boot that is 100% handcrafted out of leather. Its style is a throwback to the old American logger style, offering a sturdy construction that will fit your foot like a great work boot should. This hemlock boot includes a strap-and-buckle closure around the top of the foot as well as laces. They are completely lined and cushioned to provide you with support necessary for any job site. The sole is a super lightweight rubber that is incredibly durable, and to top it off, they are easy to clean and maintain. Best of all, they are available for an affordable price.

Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot

When you need a name that you can trust, then Caterpillar is the brand for you. This company has produced high-quality products for difficult jobs for over 100 years. The 2nd Shift boot from Caterpillar is oil and slip resistant, not to mention incredibly comfortable, and the toe of the boot is rounded to help deflect objects and provide maximum comfort. The rubber sole is made by Goodyear, so you know they are going to last. You can purchase this boot in black or tan leather, with or without a steel toe. These work boots are available through many online stores and all major departments stores including Sears.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Darrance Ankle Boot

This is one work boot that has to be seen to be believed. When you think of Polo Ralph Lauren, you'll probably be thinking of cologne, perfume, deck shoes, and shirts with polo players on the chest, but you will be quite shocked at the style and make of this boot. Available for purchase as a full boot and an ankle boot, they come in brown or a black and brown pattern. The close is a double zipper in the front with an added hook-and-loop strap fastener. The lining is textured to prevent the boot from slipping off your foot, and the sole is a durable rubber lug that is both glued and riveted to the shoe. The downside? Its hefty price tag.

Eastland Men's Lumber Up Moc-Toe Boot

Another entry from Eastland, their Lumber Up boot is an affordable boot with a quality above reproach. The boot has reinforced stitching that seals its full-grain leather tightly, and the outsole is made out of durable rubber. The liner prevents moisture from becoming an issue inside the boot. The comfort is such that you won’t mind being asked to put in a few more hours. The style is a classic boot look and is available in peanut, tan suede, and dark tan. These are also handcrafted and triple-enforced. Foot support and comfort is certainly not an issue.

Timberland Men's Earthkeepers 6" Boot

No top five list would be complete without Timberland. They may have become trendy and fashionable, but they began as no-frills, all-business work boot.s One great aspect of Earthkeepers is that they are manufactured to have virtually no carbon footprint, making them one of the few environmentally-friendly boots on the market. These boots are tested with winter and rough terrain in mind. The sole is made from hard rubber, making them very durable to keep the tread in shape. Thanks to lining throughout the entire boot, they’re also comfortable for many hours.

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