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Best Wrist & Ankle Weights

Ankle and wrist weights may be thought of as aerobic gear with very little application in a real workout, but that could not be further from the truth. These weights can be a major addition to many cardio and weight lifting programs and are far from the miniscule.

While there are a lot of ankle and wrist weights on the market, unfortunately not all of them are all that great. Fortunately these best ankle and wrist weights use comfortable materials that won’t irritate the skin or distract from your workout, are flexible enough to conform to most ankles and stay put during movement, and very durable thanks to water-resistant fabrics and tough stitching.

Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weight Sets

These Thera-Brands weights are manufactured with a nice looking neoprene exterior which is durable and prevents snags and tears while the terrycloth interior is not only soft to the touch but also absorbs moisture. Thick stitching around the outside prevents the weights from coming apart at the seams and you’ll never have to deal with leaks common with similar weight types.

Each weight is color coded for easy distinction during your workout and they are trimmed with reflective material for safety during night exercise. If there was a bad thing to say about Theraband weights it would be that they only go up to five pounds which isn’t terrible for most uses, but could be better. However, The quality and precision of Theraband’s manufacturing ensures that these weights will withstand vigorous daily use.

All Pro Weight Adjustable Aqua Power Aquatic Ankle Weights

All Pro has many great ankle weights but their aquatic version is really something special because it is specially designed for aquatic use These five pound weights can be adjusted by adding or removing the steel weights five ounces at a time. The weights are covered in a waterproof vinyl to protect them from the water and the rest of the weight is made with neoprene to be non-abrasive on your skin while retaining less water.

The All Pro Aquatic ankle weight is specially designed to reduce pressure on the ankle and Achilles tendon for safe and comfortable use in and out of the pool. All Pro takes great care to protect the weights and the strap from excess water which makes this product last longer even in harsh pool conditions. The one size fits all strap on these weights keeps the weights in place during your workouts even when you are in the pool.

MiR AJ Pro Series Ankle/Wrist Weights

MiR AJ Pro Series Ankle/Wrist Weights

MiR has firmly planted themselves in the fitness landscape with a stable of some of the best fitness products on the market so it is not surprise that their ankle and wrist weights are some of the best. The outside of these weights are constructed mostly of neoprene fabric which is soft, durable, and sweat resistant. The neoprene is soft against the skin but MiR adds another layer of padding inside in order to protect your ankle from the solid weights on the other side.

The AJ series is offered in different weights up to 20 pounds (10 on each ankle) with the option to adjust the weight by adding or subtracting one of the steel weights. One of the benefits of MiR manufacturing is the tight stitching and Velcro combined with quality straps which keep the individual weights along with the ankle weight itself right where they need to be. Even though these weights are designed to take punishment, they still offer great comfort and protection.

Valeo AW20 Adjustable Ankle & Wrist Weights

Valeo is often thought of us a middle or lower class company as far as the quality of their products but every once in a while they come out with something truly outstanding like their AW series ankle and wrist weights. Valeo offers two different sets, the AW5 and AW10 which adjust up to five and ten pounds respectively. Unlike other ankle and wrist weights which use steel bars which can still hurt even with ample padding, Valeo uses double stitched weighted bags which are soft to the touch and will not spill.

The exterior material is smooth to prevent friction, is sweat resistant, and easily washable with water. The interior has extra padding along with the softness of the weights themselves which makes these one of the most comfortable ankle and wrist weights available. Their D ring straps also guarantee a snug and comfortable fit each and every time.

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