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  • Rock shoes allow the climber to stand on smaller holds with more security and are a crucial part of all climber's equipment. Choosing your first pair of shoes can be confusing because fitting them goes against everything you have been told about sizing footwear. The shoes need to be a snug fit - twist the tightened shoe and your foot should move with it without any slippage - and your toes need to be at the end of the boot. It helps to remember when sizing shoes that they will all stretch to some degree. Rock shoe design is now very sophisticated and shoes are designed for specific types of routes or styles of climbing. It is tempting to choose an advanced, performance shoe, but their asymmetric shape and down-turned soles will make then uncomfortable and difficult to use effectively until you have more experience. The five rock shoes listed below are ideal for those new to rock climbing looking for comfortable, all round shoes that are well built and don't compromise on performance. All of these shoes are potentially great, but getting one that fits your foot well is crucial - go to a climbing store with a good selection of shoes and try them on with help from store staff who climb.
    November 21, 2014