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  • If the only rose you've ever tried is White Zinfandel, you're missing out on a world full of excellent wines. There's a lot of variation when it comes to rose wine, so no matter what your tastes, you're sure to find something that's up your alley. Rose can be sweet or dry, one-note or complex, flat or bubbly. In fact, some of the best Champagnes are roses made from Pinot Noir grapes. Rose can be made in a number of different ways, but the vast majority of rose is made from 100% red wine grapes. Rose wine is sometimes made by fermenting the wine on the skins for anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to get its color. Once the correct color is achieved, it’s taken off the skins so that it doesn't turn into red wine. Alternatively, rose can be "bled" from red wines by siphoning off the lighter wine at the top of the fermentation vat. Finally, rose can be produced by blending white and red wines, though this method isn't commonly used and produces inferior quality wine. Though California White Zinfandel is the most popular style of rose in the New World, rose is also commonly enjoyed in France. French roses are usually dry and floral and are very popular in the summer months. Of course, rose is made wherever winemakers put down roots from Spain to South Africa to New Zealand. With so many different rose wines to try, this is one style that definitely worth trying.
    February 03, 2016
  • Made from a flavorful green grape that packs a punch, Chardonnay is one of the world's favorite white wines. Chardonnay grapes are grown all over the world, though they were first cultivated in the Burgundy region of France. Though they reached the peak of their popularity at the end of the 20th century, there are still more acres devoted to this Chardonnay than any other white wine grape. Though its popularity has made it unchic in some circles, there are so many ways to style Chardonnay that most people who claim to dislike it would probably appreciate at least one of its incarnations.Since it's a relatively hardy varietal, Chardonnay can be grown in many different regions. Depending on the weather and the quality of the soil, wine made from these grapes can show flavors of apple, pineapple, ripe fruit, or vanilla. There are a number of ways to style Chardonnay wines. These wines can be aged in oak and finished with a malolactic fermentation, resulting in the big oak and butter flavors frequently seen in California chardonnays. Alternatively, they can be aged in steel, a fermentation technique that allows the green apple tartness of the grapes to shine through. In Champagne, France, Chardonnay grapes are also the only grape that can be used to make blanc de blanc Champagnes.
    February 03, 2016
  • Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for an intriguing wine to go with a seafood dish, a sparkling wine is a great choice. Sparkling wines are made all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, the United States, Italy, Spain, and France. There are a number of different types of sparkling wine. Prosecco is an Italian wine made from Glera grapes. This wine is carbonated in large steel vats and designed to be enjoyed soon after bottling. Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, is made from any number of classic Spanish grapes. This wine is bottle fermented and can be aged in the cellar for a number of years. Finally, there are Champagne-style sparkling wines. These commonly made around the world and make use of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, the three grape varietals that grow in Champagne, France. These wines are also bottle fermented and most are aged for at least a few years before they're ready to enjoy.The techniques of bottle fermenting were perfected in Champagne, France, which is why many people call any sparkling wine a "champagne." Technically, only wines that come from this region are allowed to use the name Champagne, though the vast majority of sparkling wines are made in the Champagne-style. Since there is live yeast in the bottle, these wines have a toasty aroma.When shopping for a sparkling wine, you may notice that these wines are organized by the level of residual sugar. Dry, extra-dry, and brut are the three most common sugar levels, with dry being the sweetest, and Brut being the driest. Less commonly, you may find wines labeled extra brut and brut nature, which are extremely dry, and demi-sec and doux, which signify sweeter wines.Finally, sparkling wines will be labeled with either the year harvested or the letters NV, which stands for Non-Vintage. Non-Vintage wines are blended from wines from a number of different harvests taken over a number of different years. They tend to be less expensive and more consistent than vintage wines though they are rarely as complex as a good vintage wine. When selecting a vintage wine, you'll want to make sure that the year was a good one for the grapes. Vintage wines are usually more expensive but are excellent when made in good years.
    February 03, 2016
  • The third-most planted wine grape in the world, Merlot is popular both as a stand-alone varietal and as a blending grape. This grape is endemic to Bordeaux, France, but has been grown throughout warmer European appellations for around 200 years. Now, Merlot has made its way all over the world and is popular in the Americas, Southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. A relatively subtle grape with less tannin than the closely related Cabernet Sauvignon, wine made solely from Merlot grapes tends to be fruity and smooth and usually won't hold up to many years of cellaring, reaching its peak after 5 to 15 years. Of course, there are some exceptional Merlots that continue to mature for many decades.There are two main styles of Merlot, the Old World style that makes use of earlier harvests in order to emphasize soft fruit flavors. These wines are lower in alcohol than New World style Merlots. In the New World, Merlot grapes are often left on the vines a little longer, giving them a chance to develop a more concentrated flavor and an increased sugar content. The extra sugar in the grapes does not lead to a sweet wine, but is instead metabolized by the yeast in order to make a wine with a higher alcohol content preferred by many New World drinkers. These wines have jammier flavors with an emphasis on plum and blackberry, and more soft tannins that give them more body than their Old World counterparts.
    February 03, 2016
Bringing home a new puppy can be exhilarating, but it can also be daunting at the same time. If you do not have a human child and the puppy is your first foray into parenthood, being prepared is half the battle. Who better to take advice from than someone who lived through it? My wife and I brought home a three-month-old Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix) named Poppy. We do not have any kids, so this was the first time another life became dependent on us. Putting that into perspective, we were nervous, to say the least. When we picked her up, we had nothing but a blanket to wrap her in for the 2-hour drive home. I wish we had this article to reference beforehand. I'm going to break down what you need on the first day, and some additional niceties that can wait.
October 10, 2019
Aquariums are no longer a basic little plastic or glass box to be forgotten about in the corner of a child’s room. The kits available nowadays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many look like works of art all on their own with sleek edges and modern colors. There are so many aquariums out there to choose from it’s usually best to first decide what fish you would like to house. There are desktop tanks that can range anywhere from 1 gallon to 20 gallons, and provide environments for Betta Fish, Goldfish, Guppies, Tetras, and more. There are also larger scale freshwater tanks that usually range anywhere from 10 gallons up to 60 gallons so that you can accommodate multiple species at once.  For those that are truly experienced and up to the challenge of maintenance, there are also saltwater tanks for more complex species such as coral.  Though you can find them as small as 6 gallons, most people prefer a saltwater setup to be a minimum of 20 gallons. Although the initial phase of choosing and setting up an aquarium can be overwhelming, the payoff is worth it. Having an aquatic environment either at home or at the office can be a stress reducer and provides a serene display for anyone in the room. Many are often surprised by the personalities their fish display and the bond they develop with them.
February 03, 2016
The Great Outdoors is filled with scents, sights and sounds that dogs find irresistible. Why not let your dog get his fill of all this fun while lounging in the safety and comfort of a dog house? We've looked for plastic dog houses that are warm in winter and cool in summer and that offer options like doors, heaters, fans or other ventilation. Plastic dog houses are all easy to clean — at least on the outside — so we've looked for dog houses that are easy to clean on the inside as well. We've also looked for dog houses that are easy to assemble so you can spend more time playing with your dog than building his house.
February 03, 2016
Latest Reviews
  • Regardless of where you reside, owning a sound and sturdy leash is a must if you have a canine companion. There are a variety of leashes available which can cater to the behavior and needs of the individual dog in your life. Whether you're looking for a standard everyday leash, a sturdy chain leash or a versatile retractable leash, the following lists offer a variety of the best dog leashes made with quality materials by trusted pet supply brands and have received a wealth of positive user ratings.
    June 09, 2014
  • In the past, light boxes had thick walls made to contain a standard fluorescent light bulb. With their translucent covers, these primitive units allowed artists to trace drawings or study slides. Most of them required working at an awkward angle with the individual propped up over the box’s tall sides. Modern light boxes are now the standard with thinner, portable designs featuring cool, long-lasting LED light sources which burn for thousands of hours without needing replacement bulbs. Some of the top manufacturers produce both older models with fluorescent lighting as well as LED units for only a slightly higher cost.All of these best light boxes we’ve selected provide strong and even lighting, sturdy, wobble-free work surfaces, special features like add-on battery packs and voltage adaptors as well as being available in a range of sizes suited to your needs.If you want to use your light box outside the US, you’ll need to make sure the model works with non-US outlets or else get an adaptor since many countries’ electrical systems provide a higher voltage.
    June 06, 2014
  • Crayons are a fun, easy medium to work whether they’re being used by preschoolers or professional artists. With their broad appeal, there’s a wide range of quality crayons to choose from. Most people will pick up any brand of crayon or look for the cheapest box on the shelf. Lower end crayons are too waxy and won't leave a lasting mark on the page, and can also be too brittle or soft, frustrating younger artists because of frequent breakage.Each of these best crayon brands offers something a little different in style, material, or price, but they were all selected based on their status as top-quality crayons. These picks all have at least 24 colors to choose from, come in vibrant pigments suitable for professional artists, they’re of higher artistic quality than most brands and are also non-toxic, making them safe for children to use.
    June 03, 2014
  • Watercolor painting is a fun medium to experiment with and it’s easy to find supplies. Unfortunately, the most commonly available watercolor paints are grade school-level paint trays. While cheap, these simplistic trays aren’t the best choice for the color and clarity which makes for a professional-looking watercolor painting. Top-quality watercolor paints may come in trays, but more often they’re found in tubes like acrylic or oil paints. Many brands offer both student and professional-grade paints, but obviously the professional paints offer the best quality.Depending on the pigments, the brand may offer paints with a variety of lightfast ratings and clarity. Each tube should tell you information on whether the paint is transparent, semi-opaque, opaque, and how lightfast it will be. Some colors fade faster than others so if you need the color to hold up over time it’s important to check this information.All of these best watercolor paints vary widely in price depending on the color and the pigments used. However, all of them were selected for this list based on the overall quality of the paint as measured by the use of high-quality pigments and materials, excellent lightfast ratings to guarantee permanent colors, and each brands' popularity among artists for good, consistent colors.
    May 23, 2014
  • While all artists need good materials, finding a high-quality brush should be a top priority for watercolor painters. With rising brush prices, more artists are trying other materials and will experiment with a variety of materials and styles before finding their favorite brushes. Artists who create large works will need much larger brushes than artists preferring small, detailed work.In most cases, it’s better to select a few good brushes, such as a couple medium-size round and a flat brush instead of trying to collect a full range of sizes and styles. Good quality rounds and flats can provide most of the strokes which specialty styles offer. You can also experiment with different types of brushes to find the types of brushes to suit your painting style best. As a rule, Kolinsky sable hair still claims the highest rank among artist’s brushes although it has become a rare commodity. Synthetic brushes on the other hand have improved tremendously over the years.This list will help you find some of the best watercolor brushes available today based on their ratings and how well they meet the following criteria. Regardless of their material or style, watercolor brushes should have cleanly-trimmed tips, full bristles, and sturdy hardwood handles. The best brands will also have rustproof ferrules fastening the brush to the handle.Many of these brushes would work for oil paints or acrylics as well, but it’s better not to mix media and to designate individual brushes for one medium only.
    May 22, 2014
  • Picking a knitting needle might seem easy since most craft stores stock dozens of styles. The challenge is finding the right needle. Straight single-pointed needles work great for basic projects like scarves, but large afghans work better on long circular needles, and socks or gloves require a set of double-pointed needles. Some yarn is fairly slippery and works best with rougher needles such as bamboo, but natural fibers like wool sometimes work better on slick, metal needles. Still, quality is important, and each of these brands was selected for its overall quality, popularity, and availability. Most of these brands also offer needles in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate a full range of knitting projects.
    April 18, 2014
  • Just like humans, each dog is an individual, and not every training method is going to be effective on every canine. Training collars or e-collars can be a great resource is used properly on a dog that can handle this method of correction. There are many training collar options available, many with multiple settings, including shock, vibration and beep. Before you begin training your four-legged friend with an e-collar, please research proper use to ensure it's effective. Also, when you're shopping for an e-collar you will want to buy a quality one to avoid malfunction that could potentially harm your pup. The following list is constructed of the top e-collars available based on trusted brands and user ratings. All collars represented have been tested by dog training professionals, including hunters and birders.
    April 11, 2014
  • Proper and regular grooming is a vital part of dog ownership. If done right, your grooming regiment can be a pleasant bonding experience for you and your four-legged friend. One of the key elements is picking out the right brush for your pup's fur. If you have a short or smooth coated dog you're going to want a soft or medium bristle brush. For wiry coats a slicker brush works perfectly. For medium or long haired dogs the ideal choice is wire-pin, to navigate the long locks. For dog's with a thick undercoat or coarse outer coat the firm bristle or rake handles well. For delicate coats a rubber brush will ensure care for the tender fur and skin. The brushes on the following list were chosen because they are the most trusted brands and highest rated representing numerous styles of brush.
    March 27, 2014
  • Flea collars are not the most effective way to treat a flea infestation in one's home, but they can be a key component in repelling fleas from a feline who is not currently infested. Unfortunately, many of the more powerful flea collars are made with harsh pesticides and chemicals which can irritate your cat's skin and/or cause illness without a significant increase in effectiveness. Furthermore, a cat able to reach its collar while grooming or a child snuggling too closely might accidentally ingest the toxins meant to harm only the fleas. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recommends avoiding collars which include chlorpyrifos, dichlorvos, phosmet, naled, tetrachlorvinphos, diazinon and malathion among their list of ingredients. These organophosphate insecticides have been linked to health problems in cats, including skin irritation, difficulty breathing, cancer and poisoning. That is why I recommend only using flea collars with the goal of repelling fleas and utilizing safer oral or topical methods to treat a flea infestation. The least expensive flea collars often are made with these harsh chemicals and equally little care for safety in design. The best flea collars for cats will be free of harsh chemicals and include a break-away mechanism so the feline can untangle itself from fence lines and tree branches if needed. The collars on this list were chosen based on their treatment method, design, price, and online reviews.
    March 24, 2014
  • An Anglicization of the Spanish town Jerez, Sherry is a fortified Spanish wine that's usually made from white Palomino grapes. It can be dry or sweet, crisp or nutty, and though it is usually used as a cooking wine in the New World, in Spain it's usually enjoyed instead of wine, either before or after dinner, or even paired with certain fish and poultry dishes.There are a number of different types of Sherry, though they are often categorized as dry or sweet, or dry or cream. Dry Sherries, which include Fino, Manzanilla, and sometimes Amontillado have a crisp aftertaste and a lower sugar content than their sweet counterparts. Cream Sherries, which are some of the sweetest are also incredibly viscous and are known for having a creamy mouthfeel, which is how they get their name.Unlike with port, liquor is added to Sherry to increase the alcohol content to around 20% after fermentation is complete. In a dry Sherry, sugar is not added after this, resulting in a strong Sherry that's not particularly sweet. In a sweet Sherry, sugars are added after fortification to create a beverage that can be intensely sweet.
    March 04, 2014
  • Whether you're moving into a new house that had furry tenants or if you have a problem spotter or incontinent pup of your own, you will no doubt need to clean up urine to eliminate the smell. Carpets, dark corners and other hidden areas are places where your canine culprit will pause to spot, but it's hard to identify exactly where the urine is at times. That's when urine detection comes into play. UV or florescent black lights will do the trick at spotting unwanted urine spots, and the following list is comprised from the highest rated and appropriately priced urine detectors.
    February 24, 2014
  • A relatively new grape varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon was first made in Bordeaux, France in the 1600s, after Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc cross pollinated to make this new type of grape. It quickly gained popularity and, since it's hardy and resistant to diseases, it's often one of the first types of grapes grown in new vineyards.Cabernet Sauvignon is grown all over the world and it's not hard to find excellent examples of this wine made in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in France, Italy, and Spain. Since it's often used as a blending grape, however, some of these regions, notably France, don't often make wines primarily out of Cabernet Sauvignon. The 50/50 blends with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, or Syrah are very common.Structurally, Cabernet Sauvignon is well-known for its intense tannins. Cabernet can be cellared for many years, and there are quite a few excellent Cabernets that are over 100 years old, though they come with outrageously high price tags. Young Cabernets are often too tight to drink for at least a few years. If you're hoping to build a wine collection, however, focusing on recent vintages and then storing them on your own will save you a great deal of money.
    February 24, 2014
  • Fleas can be a nightmare for both dogs and their human companions. Prevention is the key to avoiding an infestation, and luckily there are several options available. Whether pill, chewable or topical treatment, there are several ways to annihilate the pesky bloodsucker and ensuring your dog's comfort. The following list represents the best of each of the options available based on user rating, brands and safety.
    February 21, 2014
  • Your dog's individuality will extend through each product you need to purchase for him. When you've determined that your dog needs a harness over a regular collar and leash combination you'll soon realize there are many options available. The temperament of your furry friend will determine which type of harness is most appropriate. Options include no pull, step in, easy-on, traditional, head collar, and vest, among others. Each style will specialize in curbing a specific behavior issue ensuring that you and your dog will have the most enjoyable walks together. The following list includes the best in the most common harness styles based on user ratings and highly reputable companies.
    January 28, 2014
  • Not unlike humans, dogs can lose a ton of their food nutrients through the digestive process. To ensure your dog's good health and quality of life, consider a vitamin supplement to ensure that your furry friend has all the minerals and enzymes to ensure adequate muscle development, digestion, joint health and a beautiful skin and coat. Also not unlike human vitamins there are a wide variety of options from multivitamins to supplements that focus on individual issues like coat and joint health. The following list of vitamins were chosen because they are from trusted companies and highly rated supplements on the market.
    January 28, 2014
  • No matter which breed of dog your have, whether they have a long or short coat, thick or fine fur, shedding is a problem for most dog companions. Luckily there are many deshedding options on the market tailored to different fur and coats, making finding the ideal one a challenge. From slickers to deshedders, to blades, or rakes, the choices are virtually limitless. The deshedding tools on the following list were selected because they are trusted brands and have high ratings.
    January 27, 2014
  • If you're a dog lover and companion then grooming is no doubt part of your daily or weekly regimen. Every breed has very specific grooming requirements, but every dog needs occasional grooming to keep their health and fur in top form. When you take grooming into your own hands then you'll want a quality pair of clippers near by. The following list of dog clippers is comprised of trusted name brands, quality materials and a range of prices to fit any dog owner's budget
    January 27, 2014
  • When it comes to trimming your dog's nails there are many options available on the market. Each dog will have different preferences and fears associated with nail clipping, so be sure to try a clipper that will be the most comfortable for you and your pet. From typical clippers, to guillotine style to grinders we have scoured the options to bring you the best products available. The following list is comprised of the best brands, most sound materials and easiest to use clippers.
    January 27, 2014
  • Some neighborhoods aren’t safe enough to allow your cat to roam freely, yet the idea of locking them inside all day and night can feel equally unloving. Many cats have too much energy and natural curiosity to enjoy an indoor only lifestyle. However, it is possible you can help them feel content about their time stuck peering at the great outdoors from behind a window by taking them for walks periodically on a harness. A suggestion like this might have seemed outlandish a few years ago, but thanks to Jackson Galaxy, host of the Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, the practice is becoming much more common. There are many online sources to learn how to train your cat - most notably, Jackson Galaxy's or the ASPCA website - but before you can begin you will need a good harness. Look for one that has a leash attachment near the center of your feline’s back (not around their neck), is easy to adjust to a snug fit, and is made of soft yet sturdy material that won’t irritate the skin or fur. The best harnesses meet all three style requirements in addition to being easy to wash, made locally, and affordably priced.
    January 24, 2014
  • When you adore your furry canine companion, you will no doubt want to express your love by doling out treats during training, to reward good behavior or just because. There are thousands of treats on the market, but when you want your treat to not only taste delicious, but also pack a nutritious punch, the following are your best options. Our best dog treat list is comprised of treats that are made with top notch ingredients from trusted brands and different textures to appeal to any dog's palate and nutritional needs.
    January 17, 2014
  • When you decide to kennel train your dog, wire crates are a great option for dogs who like to see their surroundings, for proper ventilation and for easy folding for travel and storage. There are several options for crates including multiple doors, size options, and materials. This wire crate list was comprised of trusted brands, diverse styles and positive ratings to make choosing the best kennel for your dog easy while providing your pup with a safe new place to call home.
    January 17, 2014
  • When your dog barks unnecessarily and incessantly it is not only annoying to you and your neighbors, but can also lead to fines. This undesirable habit can be unlearned, but it takes diligence and consistency. There are several options for bark deterrent collars on the market, with different levels of effectiveness including electronic stimulation (“shock”), citronella spray and ultrasonic. The collars on the following list were chosen because they are the most effective and safe options of citronella and electronic stimulation collars. Ultrasonic, though an option have not been rated well as a bark deterrent and were not included on the list. Bark collars are only effective and safe when used properly, so no matter which one you choose, follow the instructions carefully.
    January 16, 2014
  • Whether your cat has short or long hair, they can benefit from regular brushing. A good comb or brush will remove dirt, grease, and dead skin cells which feline grooming cannot reach in addition to simulating blood circulation and reducing the possibility of hairballs. As cats age, they aren't able to clean themselves as well as they once did and need your assistance. Introducing them to the regimen at a young age can make it easier to assist them with their grooming habits later on. Long haired cats can develop matted hair and other issues easily if not brushed regularly. Choosing the right brush and starting the habit while your cat is still a kitten will make the act a bonding experience akin to a mother brushing her child's hair. The cat brushes on this list were chosen because they feel soft on your pet's skin yet be strong enough to remove dead hair and dirt from the undercoat.
    December 30, 2014
  • There are a variety of ways fleas can infest your dogs, especially during the peak flea and tick season of every year (spring to early autumn). Even though you want to keep your canine free of parasites, you also don’t want to strap something on them that could be harmful or unhealthy. Furthermore, you want to avoid introducing fleas and ticks into your home. The following list is based on reviews posted online from customers who have used these products, the effectiveness of the collars, and the active ingredients.
    November 22, 2013
  • Whether or not your cat is indoor only, you should provide it with a clean, private place to use the restroom (many neighbors don't appreciate felines fertilizing their yards haphazardly). Some cats feel claustrophobic in enclosed litter boxes and demand an open air experience. Some cats are frightened by mechanical noises and won't use self-cleaning litter boxes. Whatever receptacle you choose should value the feline's preferences primarily. Appearance, ability to contain odors, and price are meaningless if the cat refuses to use the box. The best litter boxes are made of high quality plastic that won't easily absorb the odor of its contents. They are easy to clean, affordable, and provide ample space for cats to 'do their business'. The litter boxes on this list were chosen based on design, aesthetics, and price.
    November 06, 2013
  • Choosing the right cat litter for your feline can be difficult. The brands which are the cheapest, most readily available, and effective at neutralizing odors often utilize chemicals to do so. The natural products are often more expensive and have a natural grainy aroma despite their effectiveness for trapping the even more offensive scents left behind by regular feline use. Furthermore, nearly all types of cat litter pose some risk for disease. The feline's normal grooming habits make it susceptible to ingesting the dust or particles. Many inexpensive store bought brands contain non-biodegradable sodium bentonite clay and/or silica gel which can be harmful to a cat's health. Wheat and corn based kitty litters can breed aflotoxin under warm, moist conditions, such as those produced during routine use. However, those with sturdy plumbing could choose a flushable natural cat litter to aid their ability to keep the litter box in tip-top condition and minimize this risk. The cat litters on this list were chosen based on their risk of illness by ingestion, price, and availability.
    October 23, 2013
  • Cat food manufacturers are constantly inventing new recipes - wet and dry, holistic, natural, grain-free, and organic - nearly all of which claim to be specially formulated to meet your feline's dietary needs.  While any type of ingredients can be combined to produce a product with the appropriate protein level, they are not all the same.  Many veterinarians now recommend canned foods over dry due to their high moisture content which helps compensate for the feline's low thirst drive.  It will be up to you to decide which level of quality you expect from the ingredients.Natural cat foods are made with ingredients produced by nature (not in a laboratory) and subjected to minimal processing.  These recipes, although indeed natural, may contain meat by-products, grains, soy, or other fillers. Grain-free cat foods do not necessarily contain high quality meats and may contain other starchy fillers like potatoes or vegetables.  They are merely grain-free. Holistic recipes believe the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient dense ingredients are the best way to nourish an animal from the inside out.  Some recipes include grains and protein quality may vary as there is no requirement to use natural or organic meats in holistic recipes.Organic cat foods are made from ingredients grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, added growth hormones, antibiotics, by-products, or bio-engineering.  They can be made from any combination of ingredients (including grains), as long as they are organic. Whether you decide that price, protein quality, or the mix of ingredients is the most important factor when choosing a cat food, these lists will guide you to the best brands, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each recipe.
    October 10, 2013
  • Many US products require a transformer or converter abroad due to the voltage difference that countries operate on. Voltage converters are small, usually travel-sized and can be used on a variety of different electric items with heating devices such as hair dryers, curlers, irons, and radios. It’s always wise to first check the wattage of your appliance before using a voltage converter. One of the main things to consider in a travel voltage converter is its weight. You don’t want a heavy converter weighing your luggage down. I’ve complied a list of the top five voltage converters for your next trip.
    August 26, 2013
  • Stink happens. And whether it’s pee, poop, puke Your best chance for eliminating pet odors is to remove as much of the source of the stink as soon as possible and then use a product specially designed to remove odors. Effectiveness is key here. After all, if the product doesn't work, cost and ease of use don't really matter. For our choices here, we also looked at ease of use of the products and whether the product uses pet-friendly ingredients to decrease potential health hazards to your pets. Almost all deodorizing products will leave a scent and your choice may ultimately depend on what scents you like - or dislike. Here's a look at the best products for getting pet odors out of carpets, upholstery, clothing -- and our pets.
    August 26, 2013
  • When choosing a hamster cage, you have to make sure to understand what you are looking for. For one thing, hamsters like to chew. You will often see a hamster chewing on the wires of their cage after a short time in their new home. There are some important things to think about when looking for a hamster cage. Hamsters need ventilation and free air flow but need to be away from drafts also. Hamsters are known as escape artists, so you need to make sure that he is not able to get his head through the bars or he is liable to take an unwanted journey. They also need exercise or they will lay around, sleep and get to be a tubby hamster. So they need a wheel or other ways for them to climb and roam around to get exercise. You as an owner will appreciate it if the cage is easy to clean. A bottom tray that is deep will help keep the litter in the cage and not everywhere else. Here is a list of my top five hamster cages for your consideration.
    May 13, 2013