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Labor Day 2020 (Socially Distanced) Party Checklist

Summer hasn't ended quite yet, so here's Bestcovery’s Labor Day guide to a socially-distanced grilling get-together in the year of coronavirus!

This year has been an interesting roller-coaster ride, but that isn't going to stop people from having fun when it's possible. Not that we condone flouting lockdown and social distancing guidelines, but there's no doubt that people will want to enjoy the last little sliver of summer before the days shorten and the mercury plummets. Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of Labor Day weekend while staying safe and healthy.

Note: This article is intended purely for entertainment purposes only, and should not be used for any kind of medical or professional advice! Please exercise caution when outdoors and follow all relevant federal, state, and local guidelines/regulations to stay safe and healthy.

weber original charcoal grill.jpg

  • Grill

First things first - in order to have a grilling party, you need a grill. Depending on where you're planning on hosting the get-together, some grill options are better than others. For home parties, it's near impossible to beat Weber's Original Kettle Grill. This distinctive shape graces the yards of hundreds of thousands of homes across the country; all you need is some charcoal and a lighter. If you're hosting away from home, it may be more practical to pack a portable grill instead.

Cuisinart CGS-W13 Wooden Handle Tool Set.jpg

  • Grilling tools

If the grilling tools in the cabinet are looking crusty and questionable, now's a great time to replace them! There's no shortage of options on the market, but we recommend sticking with reputable brands such as Cuisinart. Since these tools will be exposed to extreme temperatures as well as the very food you're serving, the extra assurance of quality goes a long way.

  • Cooler

If you're grilling at home, a cooler is a great way to avoid having to make constant trips to the refrigerator for a cold drink. If you're grilling outdoors away from home, a cooler is just about the only way to ensure there will be cold drinks. When selecting a cooler, always go for more capacity than you think is needed. Between the space taken up by the ice and various beverage containers, you'll find yourself refilling the box more often than you'd expect.

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  • Sunscreen

Parties and get-togethers are fun, especially when there's an outdoor component. Sunburns are definitely not fun, no matter how you cut it. Rather than worrying about chasing shade under trees and umbrellas, use sunscreen to cover any exposed or vulnerable spots on your skin. Sunscreen choice is also heavily dependent on personal preference; 15 SPF if you want a nice summer tan, and 100+ SPF if you want complete resistance. Going for a dip in the water? Make sure to use waterproof sunscreen, or the resulting exposure to water will net 0 SPF (and burns!) in no time.

  • Hat

No matter how good sunscreen is, there's really no substitute for shade when it comes to avoiding burns. A hat is an easy way to create personal shade for your face and neck while looking good to boot. There are plenty of styles: foldable straw hats, baseball caps, outdoor-style wool hats, and everything in between. Feeling western? Try a classic Stetson or Resistol!

  • Beer

One of the time-tested icons of a summer party is a cooler full of ice, soda, and beer. Did you know that Corona Extra remains one of the most popular beers in America despite the unfortunate events of 2020? Stella Artois and Heineken are some of the more popular European brews. There's an entire world of beer available; why not try something new this year? As always, responsibility is key when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

  • Wine

Wine is a great pairing for summer gatherings, whether it's a crisp white to cool off or a stout red to go with food. Rose wines remain popular as well, especially in areas with intense summer heat.

dre health face mask.jpg

  • Masks

Not to be a party pooper, but many jurisdictions around the country still require face masks or coverings in public spaces. Even if you have one for yourself, others may appreciate the thoughtfulness in case they've forgotten to pack one.

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now that we have the essentials, a good Bluetooth speaker is a great way to bring some tunes along. If you're setting up at the beach or near a pool, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is (relatively) cheap insurance against accidents.

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